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Electric vehicles on the way forward

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Electric vehicles are really moving forward. We have previously written about Tesla and other electric cars, so we skip that now. But what are the other types of electric vehicles? Are any of these something to bet on, or are they just fun toys?

Electric skateboards

When I was a little boy, I actually saw a maniac, or should we call him an enthusiast, who had put a lawn mower engine on a skateboard. It did not look cool, good or particularly practical. Fast forward 30 years and the electric revolution that we are seeing now has made it pop up a lot of manufacturers of electric longboards and skateboards.

The boards are available in many different price ranges, from a handful of thousand pieces genuine made in China to boards that cost a monthly salary or two. When we go up in price range, we can get extreme performance. There are many electric skateboard manufacturers who sell their products online, one of which is Voeep.

Electric kickbikes / scooters

They look like “a skateboard with a handlebar”. In summer it is great fun to ride these, but in snow – no thanks! It is not particularly cheap. Longer distances will be expensive. The rental model may be interesting, but in that case I would rather look at buying my own kickbike if I had suitable transport needs.

However, more and more people are realizing that an electric scooter is a good means of transport, but will be expensive in the long run if you have to rent it all the time. There are at least two in “my” residential building who have instead bought a cheap electric scooter for their own use.

Definitely an acceptable means of transport. The advantage this has (together with the skateboard) is that it is easy to take into the apartment or house and charge.


Segway: Coolness factor zero. But they are probably quite practical to drive. I’ve even seen Segway cops in some cities. Seems to be able to get around even a little offroad if you say so. But it’s really expensive stuff, fast Googling gives around $ 6000.

The high price and the fact that it is a bit awkward, I think disqualifies it for being a real challenger in the category of electric vehicles.

Electric mopeds, and electric bicycles

Electric moped: I bought a petrol-powered Vespa myself last summer. Mopeds are really the optimal mode of transport to get around the city. Now there are nice variants (the taste is like the butt). Another problem I have is the charge, if you live in an apartment they are not easy to charge. But if I had access to a good charge, an electric moped would have been a given purchase. We’ll see what it looks like next time

Electric bike then: It is probably a nobrainer to buy an electric variant of the bike if you are now going to buy a bike. They are also tax-favored, which of course is a total hole in the heads of politicians.

So which one will you choose? If you ask me, I would definitely choose an electric skateboard as my everyday means of electric transportation. If you’re interested, you should go deal now!


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