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Digital strategy: the transition from traditional to digital media

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The digital revolution has brought about a radical change in the habits of consumers who have transformed from simple customers to real buyers. It is not simply a linguistic question, but a change that has affected habits and expectations towards the product and, consequently, also the channels through which to get in touch with a brand.

What changes between traditional media and digital media

Within the “traditional media” category there is a great variety of communication channels including television, radio, emails and roadside billboards. These tools were children of the needs and habits of consumers whose attention could be effectively captured in this way. In this regard, it is appropriate to dispel a myth: traditional media worked and often do even now; Unlike what one might think, the effectiveness of the “old media” was excellent and it was not a “first communicative and rudimentary approach” towards consumers. The communication tools that were used were perfect in relation to the times in which they were used.

The transition from traditional to digital media has been consumed more evidently in recent years and with the lockdown, there has been a rapid replacement of two. The change took place in a short time and was favored by some elements:

  • diffusion of internet connections : although it may seem obvious, the expansion of the catchment area of ​​those who could access the internet has entailed a radical review of communication strategies by companies. Thanks to the web, users not only get information, but compare reviews and above all make purchases: all this without a fast wifi connection or a 4G / 5G network would not even be conceivable.
  • use of the smartphone : the transition from mobile to smartphone has given a decisive turn in favor of new media. Today users connect mainly through mobile phones and from this small “digital headquarters” they are (we are) capable of managing relationships and business appointments.
  • democratization of information: the digitalization of businesses has led to a progressive expansion and simultaneous democratization of information channels. Not only have many newspapers moved the core of their online activities (not to mention those that were born exclusively online), but they also had to integrate Social Media (in particular Facebook) into their communication plans.

This is followed – in cascade – by other large and small changes that have involved and upset the way of communicating and perceiving brands: if traditional marketing focused on the product, digital marketing is ” user-centric ” in the dimensions in which it should not never forget or underestimate the ever-changing needs of buyer personas.

Why invest in Digital PR

Within a complete digital strategy that aims to create real added value for the brand, it is appropriate to include a part relating to Digital PR. With this activity we mean the set of technical and relational activities that lead to the increase of a company’s brand awareness through the publication of valuable articles in newspapers or prestigious external texts.

From a technical point of view, the presence of a link that “starts” from the authoritative site and points towards that of the brand involves an element of great importance for the search engine that can review the positioning of the web page, improving it. Furthermore, these articles remain visible to all those who interrogate the search engine and, finding content that speaks in a commendable way about a particular topic, they can only recognize its value. It should be emphasized that Digital PR, together with Link Building, are two substantially fundamental elements for all those who wish to improve the positioning of their site in the search results; Consequently,

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