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Can I Use a Projector During Daylight?

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The idea of a drive-in theatre is enthralling! If you are a movie buff or calling up your friends on a Sunday brunch, turning your beautiful patio into an open theatre would be exciting. But how?

While setting the projectors for camping, you often have the same considerations. All you need is a projector and a screen to turn this beautiful dream into reality. However, it is the most asked question – Can I use the projector during daylight? The bright days with the sun shining overhead are pleasant on a chilly morning. But is it compatible with the projectors too? 

So, let’s discuss in detail what kind of projectors are best suited for outside during the day.

Can I use the projector outside?

Most of the projectors are meant for dark rooms and used inside the house. If you have ever used a smartphone under the sun, you must realize it is tough to use it in such cases. The same applies to the projector screen. 

There are projectors for bright rooms that come with a high lumen count. Similarly, it would help if you had a highly bright projector with high lumens to work under the sun for the daytime. 

How to use a projector outside during the day?

As your yard will be bright enough, you need an extra bright projector to make it work. If you buy a ‘daylight’ projector, the most important consideration is its lumens. Hence, it would help if you had a bright projector to enjoy crystal clear pictures during the daytime. 

What are Lumens?

Lumens measures the brightness of the light. A regular projector is unable to project the images during the day. Hence, if you want to use the projector outside during the day, you need a brighter one. It will help you to see the image. No projector can be brighter than the sun hence placing your projector screen under a yard or shade to get the desirable results. Proper position is essential when you plan to install a projector during daylight.

Compared to a large TV screen, projectors are highly cost-effective. 

Different Screen Size?

The screen size also impacts the lumen count. Bigger the screen, the higher the lumens you require to make your projector work outside. Compared to a larger screen, the small screen needs fewer lumens during the daytime. Coming to the number of lumens, you require a projector with at least 3000 lumens to make it work for daylight. Check out to know the different types of screens available for projectors. 

If you have a 16X9 foot projector screen, the minimum lumen requirement is 3000. However, if it goes higher up to 4500 lumens, it will deliver far better results as a daytime outdoor projector. If you use the projector during daylight, make sure to grab the one with at least 3000 lumens, irrespective of the screen size. However, these projectors will work best during the partly sunny hours. 

Aim for 4000+ lumens projector to get the better results.

How to choose an ideal location for an outdoor projector?

The choice of location largely depends on your projector lumens and your setup. A projector with higher lumens comes with higher flexibility for placement. Alternatively, if the projector has a low lumen, you need to choose a shadier spot to make it work. Also, it would help if you are looking for a power outlet. If the outlet is far, you can use the extension cord to make it work. 

Should I consider the temporary or permanent placement?

You may find many televisions designed explicitly for outdoor setup to produce bright images in daylight. However, projectors are not expressly meant for daylight purposes. You can select the projector according to its lumens to fit your outdoor space. However, the projector installation should be temporary. The outdoor areas are bound to excessive heat, the cold, wind, and other adverse climatic impact that can damage your screen.

It is advised to stand the projector during its use only. The best placement depends on your outdoor space as well. 


When looking for an outdoor projector, there are different factors that matter. You need to check the lumens, screen size, and other features to make the right decision. Also, you need an excellent place to set up the projector. I’d suggest using a projector with a high lumen output (at least 3200) and a very dark background. This way, you’ll get more contrast between the projected image and the environment.


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