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7 Ways to Minimize Your Company’s Attack Surface

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The estimated cost of global cybercrime is 6 trillion dollars. There’s simply no denying that cyber threats are a massive concern for companies. If you want to protect your organization, you’ll need to take steps to reduce your attack surface.

So what are some steps you should take to safeguard your cyber security situation? This article tells you everything you’ll need to know.

1. Hire External Auditors

One of the best ways to achieve External Attack Surface Reduction is by hiring auditors. Auditors bring an external perspective so they can easily spot things you might have missed.

2. Protect Your Email System

One of the most popular ways to attack large organizations is through tactics like phishing emails. You can improve online safety at your company by taking measures to harder your email system.

For example, you might implement domain-based message authentication to ensure attackers can’t send spoofed emails to your workers. Also, hire Certified Ethical Hacker who can handle this issue professionally.

3. Have Strong Security Culture

Another vital part of cyber security is that you need to have a strong security culture. This means all your workers are familiar with the fundamentals of digital security.

They also report any suspicious activity to a designated worker in charge of security. When you have a strong security culture, workers might report many false positives. It’s crucial that you take every report seriously if you want to root out genuine threats.

4. Keep Software Patched

You also need to make sure you keep your software patched at all times. As software ages, more security issues come to light. Attackers can then use these security weaknesses to gain access to systems.

Developers are made aware of these vulnerabilities, and they create patches to fix the issue. If you don’t keep your software patched and up to date, you won’t get these vital severity patches.

5. Manage Permissions

Managing permissions is also an essential part of digital security. This means that people only have permission on their accounts to use the functions they need for their job.

This means that if hackers gain access to their accounts, the damage they can do is minimal.

6. Segment Your Network

You could also think about segmenting your network. This could involve using multiple networks for different functions. This means that if one network is compromised, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other is.

This can limit the amount of damage a breach can do.

7. Back Up Files

Finally, you should keep solid backups of all your company files. Certain kinds of cyber-attack, such as ransomware, are much less of a threat if you have a great backup system in place.

These Tips Can Help Reduce Your Attack Surface

Cyber security and attack surface reduction need to be a continuous process at your company. New security vulnerabilities and hacking techniques come to light every day, so it’s vital you take cyber security concerns seriously.

If you want to learn about some other cyber-related topics, check out the rest of our blog posts.


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