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Buying Commercial Refrigeration Equipment: Things to Know

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Commercial refrigeration is the process of using any type of cold storage equipment, mostly for commercial use. Some of the notable examples of this are the long and huge refrigerators used in supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as the huge walk-in refrigerators used in restaurants these days.

The introduction of such kind of refrigeration system allows businesses and even regular home owners to use large spaces in storing foods and beverages for certain periods longer than usual, without any risks of them getting spoiled. This is highly useful, especially for the food service business, because the equipment used here can keep both raw ingredients and prepared foods cold and safe from spoilage.

Types of Commercial Refrigeration

There are numerous types of commercial refrigeration in terms of the system used. Some of them include reach-in vertical refrigerators, flower fridges, vending machines, display cabinets, draft beer systems, and various types of coolers.

Various types of commercial refrigerators and coolers serve different functions. The first one is the chiller, which has the capacity to keep foods and beverages inside it below the average room temperature but still above the temperature that can lead to freezing. Chillers keep your foods and beverages cool, especially the perishable ones, to prevent them from getting spoiled.

The second one is the more popular equipment to use – the freezer. Just as the name implies, it keeps perishable foods frozen to prevent them from spoiling by any means.

Another type of commercial refrigerator commonly used is the combination commercial unit, with both the function of the chiller and the freezer intact. This equipment allows both the chilling and freezing of perishable foods, which makes this type of equipment highly preferred by most food service businesses of today.

Who Uses Commercial Refrigeration?

There are many types of industries and businesses that rely on this type of refrigeration on a regular basis. The most common business types that make use of commercial refrigerators include food and beverage companies, restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

But aside from that, some other industries that use this type of refrigeration include hospitals and medical research centers. They are using commercial refrigerators in order to keep certain sensitive items and elements at the most suitable temperature.

Other than that, commercial refrigerators are also commonly used in flower businesses, as florists have to make sure that the flowers they use and sell have some place to be stored to maintain their freshness, and prevent them from withering at any time.

How Commercial Refrigeration Works

You might think the commercial refrigerators work in the same way as regular refrigerators you use at home. It is the same, to a certain extent, but there is a better explanation as to how the refrigeration system used in businesses and commercial purposes works.

First of all, there is the cooling process. Every type of refrigeration system is working through the principle, which is known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, stating that when there are two objects of different temperatures that come together, the heat from the warmer object to the cooler object. Because of that, commercial refrigerators use a refrigerant system of transferring heat from the foods stored to the refrigerant itself, making them cold in the process.

The development of the chilling and freezing systems in refrigeration has helped a lot of businesses and industries. Chilling is important to store certain foods and beverages that do not need to be frozen to ensure freshness and prevent spoiling.

On the other hand, freezing has been a highly important process of preserving perishable foods for an extended period, especially for a food service business such as restaurants and cafeterias, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores that always sell perishable foods.

Here’s Where Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs Repair

You have got your commercial refrigerators operating for a time being, having all your foods and beverages stored for future use and preserving their quality and freshness. But there will be times that your freezer or chiller needs to undergo repair, and here are the signs that your commercial refrigerator needs it. The first sign that your commercial refrigerator needs repair is when it starts leaking water. This is happening because there might be issues with the gasket on the door, drain hose, or drain opening.

The second sign that you should check is when there is a presence of fluid in your fresh food compartment. If this happens in your refrigerator, this could result if worn or damaged, or even old door seals. You can check the seals yourself if they need repair. And lastly, if there is an excess of frost that is taking form in your freezer, then you need to have it repaired. This may be caused by a faulty defrost system, or there is a need to replace the fan motor in it.


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