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Avoiding the Most Common Water Filtration Mistakes That Occur Today

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Are you worried about drinking water contaminants in your home’s water supply? There are many types of contaminants, from sediment to toxins created by bacteria and much more.

Drinking water reasonably contains trace amounts of these contaminants. That said, the EPA states that some may pose a risk if consumed at certain levels.

Many homeowners choose to install a water filtration system to keep all contaminants at a minimum. However, there are many water filtration mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes if you want your residential water filter to work.

Neglecting to Replace Filters

Even the best water filter system is useless if you forget to change the filters. Filters have a set period of effectiveness, but over time, many become clogged or ineffective. This can allow contaminants into the water.

A smart homeowner knows that following the replacement schedule is key to getting the most out of your filters. Knowing how to change the filter is also as important as understanding when to swap out filters.

For instance, Berkey systems remove almost all pathogenic bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and more that lurks in your water. Changing the filter depends on the type of filter you have. Check it out to find out more and to learn how to change the filter in your system.

You Don’t Buy the Right Type

The market is filled with various types of water filters of every size. One of the most costly water filtration mistakes homeowners make is choosing a system that doesn’t align with their needs.

Water pitcher filters can remove certain particles well, but not every brand and model can remove all contaminants. Standard model pitchers might not remove lead, for example, though more expensive systems might.

Filtration systems that attach under your sink or to your faucet are usually more effective than pitcher filters. Filters connected to the water line have a finer pore construction designed to remove the most contaminants.

Make sure you buy the right type for your needs.

Installing a System Yourself

Pitcher systems or countertop water filters don’t require any installation, although you need to keep up with changing the filter and keeping it clean. However, under-sink filters and whole-house systems are a little more complex.

When not installed properly, they might not work as intended. You should have a basic understanding of plumbing, and if you don’t feel comfortable installing a system, get it professionally installed instead.

Having a professional install your water filtration system means you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes, and you can rest assured that it will work as intended.

Avoid These Water Filtration Mistakes

A water filtration system is an excellent addition to any home when you want to limit the contaminants in your water. However, make sure you avoid these water filtration mistakes to get the most out of your system.

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