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Are you planning to have an indoor garden?

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Are you planning to create a lush and relaxing atmosphere in your house with lovely indoor plants? A colourful blooming plant paired with a perfect pot enhances the beauty of your home. Indoor plants introduce texture and colour and give a warm look to the place. Planters of all sizes and shapes are available at the wholesale planters shop. The colour of the container you choose should complement the foliage colours and the texture of the plant. The type of planter, its size, and its drainage features can affect the health of your plants. Buying an ideal planter depends upon the types of plants you plan to grow.

Types of planters


Ceramic planters are heavy, sturdy, and attractive and come in many interesting shapes and colours. Glazed ceramic planters restrict air exchange and do not dry out quickly. You can use them for plants that thrive in moist soil. Unglazed ceramic pots allow the movement of air and water, which stimulate the growth of roots. This pot is best for plants that need dry soil.


Terracotta pots come in all shapes and sizes, and they are cheaper than ceramic pots. These pots are porous and allow the air and water to move through them. The walls of the container absorb moisture and help the soil to dry quickly. It prevents soil disease and root rot and is suitable for plants that prefer a drier soil.


Plastic pots are available in all the places, and they are the cheapest. They retain water for a longer time compared to terracotta pots. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to manage. You can wash them easily and reuse them for many years. These pots need drainage holes in the bottom to prevent root rot.

Whatever type of pot you buy, draining excess water is very important to keep the plants healthy. Drainage problems cause root rot which is irreversible damage to the plant.

How to choose a pot

It is best to choose a pot according to the size of the plant. Though all plants like to spread out, too much space or too little space can cause problems. A bigger pot increases your chance of overwatering the plant, and water sits in it for a long time. Plants that have longer roots need bigger pots than those with shallow roots. When the roots fill up the container, it is time to change the plant to a bigger container.

Caring for your plants

Water your plants regularly, keep the soil moist. When it is dry or overwatered, it obstructs the growth of the plant. Excess watering causes mould formation on the surface of the soil. Standing water in the pot can kill plants.

Touch the surface of the soil with your finger. If it is dry, you need to water the plant. Water requirements vary from plant to plant. Discoloured leaves, loss of leaves, and lack of leaf growth indicate overhydration. Slow leaf growth with dry leaf edges means dehydration.

While watering the plants, ensure that the water is at room temperature. Hot water causes root damage, and cold water hampers the growth of the plant.

Plants growing in pots absorb all the nutrients from the soil in the container. Feed your plants with nutrients by adding fertilisers to the soil. The essential nutrients for plants are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

Decide what plants you want for your home before buying the planters. wholesale planters stores have a wide range of choices. You can pick anything according to the size of the plants, your taste, and your budget.


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