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Are You Aware of This New Feature on YouTube?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The 2nd most popular search engine behind Google, YouTube is constantly trying to launch various new functions that creators can utilize to increase the number of YouTube subscribers and gain more YouTube views on their content. YouTube Stories is the latest update to YouTube that will aid in the growth of your business by making it possible to communicate with viewers in a much more intimate manner. The personal touch offered by using YouTube Stories can help you get more actual YouTube subscribers and increase the amount of trust in your business. Buy YouTube subscribers can be another good option for genuine engagement from trusted websites.

Here’s a list of the information you should be aware of about YouTube’s newest Stories feature.

YouTube Stories

YouTube Stories are short videos for mobile devices that allow you to communicate to your audience more precisely if you’ve 10,000 YouTube subscribers. If you’re not quite at this number, It’s a good idea to increase the number of subscribers you have.

Contrary to Instagram Stories that disappear after the space of 24 hours, YouTube Stories stay for seven days and assist in driving engagement with your content. While the Story can end up disappearing after seven days, comments posted on the Story can be seen within your YouTube Studio for 30 days. If your channel is designed for children, you won’t be able to use YouTube Stories. YouTube Stories option in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other laws.

Making YouTube Stories

To make YouTube Stories create YouTube Stories, you’ll need to use YouTube Play, the YouTube Play app, the YouTube Creator Studio. Begin using the YouTube application on your phone and click on the camera icon in the upper right of the navigation bar. Click then the Story icon (circle with + inside). After this, you’ll be able to upload a saved image as well as a video into your Story and also take an entirely new picture or upload a video. If you’re uploading a YouTube video, be aware that the video you upload to YouTube Stories can only be fifteen seconds long.

Additionally, you can change the image or video, including music, filters video links, or text stickers, before uploading. You can also alter the size of the stickers to fit your Story and also. Videos, mention stickers or location stickers. You can decide what you’d like to include in your content before uploading it to your Stories.

After you’re happy, you simply need to take the content and then click post on the right side to save it for your Story. If you’d like to remove the particular image or video in your Stories, click on the story, go to the three dots menu, and select delete.

The YouTube subscribers can view your Stories on your YouTube channel’s Stories tab or via their subscriptions feed. Unseen Stories will appear in the form of a colored circle. Your YouTube subscribers can access them by tapping your profile image. They’ll be able to tap any segment to read the story or jump into the next story or pause a story and then go back to the prior story. You can also use comments to post an email for you or interact with comments left by other users by clicking on the comment bubble just to the left box. This is where you will see a boost in the channel’s engagement and connect with people taking the time to post comments regarding your stories.

Engagement and moderation of comments on Stories

Suppose you’re hoping to benefit from YouTube Stories to create a more personal experience for your actual YouTube subscribers and users. In that case, you will need to interact with them via comments in stories. To accomplish this, click your profile picture near the very top of your subscription feed, or go to the Stories section of your YouTube channel. Choose the story and click your comments icon to open your comments thread.

If you want to respond to comments, you can write it down or click “reply in the story” if you wish to post an image or video to the comment publicly. You can also modify your response like you would when posting your own story and click post to publish the response you leave to comments publically. Engaging your viewers will make them more inclined to interact with your content. It will create an informal conversation that will make people want to return to your website for additional content.

It is also possible to moderate comments in your Stories like you do for other YouTube videos. Adding channel owner, particularly for the content which has collaborations in it, could aid in making this process easier for you. With comment moderation, you’ll have the ability to be in a position to look over, block reports, or even erase comments.

The Right Way to Use This Feature

There are various ways you can make the best use of the latest YouTube Stories function to help boost business growth and gain more YouTube views on your content. 

New markets are being discovered

Exploring new markets through Stories is a fantastic method to increase brand recognition and expand your audience on YouTube. Collaborations with different brands in the same field but don’t compete with you can be an excellent method to use the larger audience that your collaborator can reach. Each of you could make the other one or more videos to your own stories discussing your business and products to ensure that you can be getting exposure to a new market. Influencer marketing through YouTube is another way to bring your stories to the next level and connect your YouTube subscribers to your influencer in a more personal way.

Lead generation

Stories can be an excellent method to create leads for your company. You need to ask questions about the problem or issue your product or service solves and then ask viewers to respond to the question within the comments section. After you’ve published your story, add an invitation to action to the comments section, along with the link to your lead magnet, which viewers can view when they leave a comment. It is possible to increase the number of leads you generate via stories in keeping readers interested by allowing them to interact in your comments section. Lead generation via YouTube Stories can assist you to:

  • Increased ticket sales at shows
  • To increase your email subscriptions.
  • Sign-ups for webinars are increasing, as are classes
  • Promoting sales for your products or products or
  • Building stronger relationships with the community

It is easier for people to be drawn to captivating and personal content, which is why YouTube Stories can be an excellent way to provide an individual experience to your YouTube subscribers. Your audience can be more engaged by regularly engaging with them via your comments sections of stories and even offering faithful YouTube subscribers an opportunity to shout them out via the “reply to the story. “reply in story” option. This can make your audience feel valued and inspire them to be more engaged in the content that you post on your YouTube channel. You could also include Behind the Scenes footage on your stories to provide your viewers the chance to acquainted with your brand and build an even stronger bond.

Announcing product launches

YouTube Stories offer you the chance to share exciting news with the YouTube subscribers and provide links that guide them to the information you’d like them to go. If you’re launching the chance to announce a new product or coming event, you can announce it via stories with a link to the full press announcement or landing page for the event’s launch. The addition of the “Breaking News” sticker every when you announce something new will help establish yourself as a leader in the industry, posting the most recent updates whenever they happen.

Useful Tips for creating YouTube Stories

Let your followers know that you’re using Stories.

Announce when you first begin with YouTube Stories so that your YouTube subscribers are informed and can browse your stories to begin viewing them. They’ve likely subscribed to various channels before, so informing them when you begin using stories could serve as an informal reminder and ensure they don’t forget it.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things

It’s important to note that the YouTube views of your stories do not affect the popularity of the main content on your channel. So don’t be afraid of experimenting with something completely new. Explore the possibilities to offer your viewers something they cannot discover elsewhere and encourage them to come to you to see more.

Be consistent

Making sure you post regularly to your Stories, especially when you create a series, is a fantastic method to keep your followers entertained and eagerly anticipating the next post. It’s also a great method to ensure that you can create posts quickly that fit with the subject for the particular series, no matter if it’s a “Fun brand facts” series or one of the “OOTD” series, or any other series.

Set milestones for your channel.

The YouTube subscribers watching your stories are already an active and loyal base. Therefore, you should take the opportunity to celebrate your milestones with them. You could post about your business’s accomplishments or celebrate a certain quantity of YouTube subscribers and every other important moment you share and thank them for their help to help you achieve your goals.

Performance measures

After you’ve done everything is required to post an excellent YouTube Story, You’ll need to track the performance metrics of your story as a percentage of the total amount of YouTube views for each story or the entire story by visiting the channel’s Stories tab. The statistics will tell you that you’ll need to think of making any changes, or if your strategy is working, and you should make adjustments accordingly.


YouTube Stories are a fantastic method to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd and become more intimate with your followers. They’re simple to use and boost your engagement rates significantly, but you must be putting in the time to create high-quality content to ensure that your viewers have no choice other than to come to your site. Begin using this latest feature to see the benefits you!


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