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AdWords review extensions to increase ad clicks

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Although the internet has pervaded every aspect of our daily life – work, private life, from the way of looking for something to that of shopping, etc … – there is still a lot of suspicion about it, especially when it comes to trusting or not advertisements: “Could it be true? What if it’s a scam? ” are among the common thoughts that go through the average user who comes across an ad of any kind.
In fact, even as advertising has moved online, best practices of a good marketing strategy remain the same as always: you have to convince those who are reading your ad that you are the answer to what they were exactly looking for and that they can trust you. Here is the keystone: trust ; the essential to transform a user into a potential customer.
Among the AdWords extensions there is one that focuses on this aspect: the review extensions .
Reading a positive opinion right under the ad that you were undecided whether to click or not, has a reassuring effect and often convinces the user of your good faith: it is proved again that ads with review extensions can increase ad clicks by 10 %.

On a visual level , a line will be added to your ad where you can report – in a quote or paraphrased phrase format – a positive review, award or important recognition won or deserved by your product, service, company.

Examples reported by Google

Obviously, the quotation reported must be truthful and, to guarantee this, the source must always be linked .

O practical level , however, once you have chosen the campaign to which you want to add a review, click on Ad Extensions> View> Review Extensions .
Once this is done, select Account Extensions> + Extension and then + New Review : here you will have to choose the format, if you prefer the quoted quote or a paraphrased sentence.

Example image reported by Google

67 characters are allowed: write the short review in text ; Originally indicate the source while in the url of origin you put the link to the aforementioned source, where you can verify your review.
Once this is done, click on save: the review will appear in the window under selected reviews , click on save again.

These extensions appear on the Google Search Network, not the Display Network.
As with other extensions, it is not guaranteed that they will always be displayed: the classic factors of relevance of the ad, offer, available space and so on come into play.
To make sure they are published, you will then need to follow the basic rules set by Google for review extensions .



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