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7 Requirements For Shipping Through Amazon. 5 Minute Read!

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Amazon is the most reliable and efficient shipping and fulfilment platform for millions of sellers and customers worldwide. Most successful business entrepreneurs use the Amazon shipping platform. They gain customers’ trust and spread their business across the globe through Amazon. Their shipping and fulfilment are reliable for small and prominent people selling their products online. Over time, it has improved its shipping and has become one of the most trustworthy and reliable online shipping sites. Amazon shipping and fulfilment is based on modern innovative technologies to deliver the products to its customers at the exact location and time without any delay.

Amazon shipping and fulfilment has set specific requirements for the sellers to avoid any blunder. These amazon shipping requirements are based on strict rules and guidelines to ensure effective and efficient completion of the products. The sellers need to fulfil all the necessary amazon requirements before sending their products to the fulfilment houses to avoid any inconvenience. Amazon shipping and fulfilment is known for its services and strategic plans worldwide because of its most convenient services and innovative technologies.      

Amazon shipping requirements

Those sellers using the FBA amazon fulfilment platform must follow these shipping requirements and guidelines for accurate and on-time delivery of their products.

Safe and sound delivery of packages to fulfilment centres

One of the essential requirements for fulfilment and shipping of the product is to make sure that the seller delivers their products to the fulfilment houses in undamaged conditions. If the products arrived at the fulfilment houses are damaged and not in proper packaging, they will either be rejected or repacked, which will cost an extra delivery fee. The sellers need to deliver fine products to the amazon shipping centres.

Proper packaging of the products

The sellers have to pack their products before sending them to the warehouses properly. Poor packaging of the products can cause damage to the content of the packages, which will not only cause loss to the sellers but will also spoil its reputation among its customers. In case of packaging violations, the products will be either discarded, returned, or repackaged the selling products which will cost an extra fee.

Apply FBA labels


Labelling the packages is another essential shipping requirement. If the sellers don’t apply FBA labels on the boxes, it may cause disposal or return of products in order to deliver the packages accurately. It is necessary to identify each package with a shipment label on time.

Avoid faulty barcodes

FBA shipping labels contain barcodes scanned by the fulfilment team for quick and accurate analysis and processing of the products. These barcodes contain detailed information about the content of packages, such as price tags, delivery time, location, and expiry dates. If these barcodes become damaged during the delivery or have some missed information, it will inconvenience the fulfilment team and the customers. The barcodes need to be applied on plain surfaces of packages instead of edges for easy scanning by the scanner.

Use only amazon packaging stuff and taps 

For the seller’s convenience, Amazon has introduced its packaging stuff for safe and sound packaging of the products to avoid any damage. These packaging products include rigid boxes, taps for wrapping, amazon tags, amazon pallets, cushion boxes, polyethylene sheets, and bubble wrapping. The sellers need to use these packaging products before sending them to the Amazon fulfilment houses.

Precisely weigh and measure the boxes

Amazon shipping and fulfilment have certain weight and measurement limits of the packages. Suppose the packages delivered to the fulfilment houses exceed the weight limits. In that case, it will cause trouble for both the seller and warehouse teams because the delivery fee of most items depends on their weight and dimension. Extra weight means extra delivery charges. So the seller needs to make sure to follow all the guidelines before sending their products to avoid any trouble and also to save extra charges,

Additional packaging of sensitive products 

Sensitive products such as exploding chemicals, pesticides, medicines, liquids, glass items must be packed in additional safe packages to avoid any trouble and damages to the products. If the sensitive products arrive in poor packaging, they will either be rejected or repacked by the fulfilment team.Thus the sellers need to take good care of the packaging of sensitive products.

Sum up

The sellers need to follow all amazon shipping requirements and guidelines before sending their products to the warehouses. If the seller follows these guidelines, Amazon will consider them worthy sellers and improve their image on their online shopping site. But if the sellers violate these Amazon coaching and shipping requirements, it will cause a loss of money and defame their reputation on the amazon marketplace. Thus those sellers who want to grow their business and gain the trust of their customers need to follow shipping requirements and guidelines!




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