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7 Best Holiday Gifts for Your Office Secret Santa

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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As we get closer to the holiday season, you must be facing the challenge of selecting the gifts to give your special ones. Well, you are not alone as we all face the dilemma of figuring out what others will want that is within our price range. To help you solve this problem, we have compiled a list of some unique and affordable Secret Santa gift ideas that will impress the recipients. The wide variety covers all personality types.

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Office Secret Santa

Gift Cards

Nowadays, it is possible to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies. When buying gift cards with cryptocurrencies, the first step is to buy cryptocurrencies for the amount you wish to spend buying the cards. Once you have made the payment, the seller will send you a gift card worth your deposit. In the same way as buying gift cards from a retailer, the recipient can redeem the gift on the same website by providing the details displayed on the gift card.

For example, if your idea is to give a co-worker a Bitcoin gift card, you should buy Bitcoin and buy a gift card from the websites selling Cryptocurrency gift cards. Your friend can later redeem the gift and get some Bitcoins. Whether high-value cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or low-value cryptos, always buy cryptocurrencies from trusted sites.

Engraved Pencil Set

Though not expensive, your workmates will love these hand-stamped pencils, thanks to their wide variety of themes. You can choose each person’s theme according to their personality. For example, you can have a set with Harry porter reference for a workmate who loves the movie. You can also pair the set with a diary for a complete set.

Mouse Pad

Since we all use computers in the office and at home, a mouse can be a practical Secret Santa gift for your workmate. Choose a sleek pad that will make them want to replace the one that they are using currently. To showcase your knowledge of your recipient’s personality, you can get a mouse with a theme that meets their taste.

Smartphone Projector

From music to social media and games, our phones have become a significant source of entertainment. However, the small size of their screens is a setback if you want to watch movies. 

Luckily, gifting your workmate, a smartphone projector will enable them to watch movies from their smartphone like they are in a cinema. You can even accompany the projector with some popcorn to complete the gift theme.

Streaming Stick

A streaming stick will be an ingenious way to help your workmate turn their old television into a smart TV, provided it has a HDMI port. These sticks come with numerous entertainment apps, including Netflix, HBO, Pandora and many more.

Water Bottle

Having a glass of water on top of your desk comes with numerous hazards, including damaging crucial documents or even your computer if the water spills. To help your workmates avoid this, you can get a stylish, BPA free water bottle that they can safely use on top of their desks. Some water bottles can also keep cold water cold and hot water hot for several hours.

Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker can be a perfect gift for anyone, thanks to its numerous uses. A medium-sized speaker is an ideal choice, thanks to its portability and high-quality sound. One can carry the speaker around for some incredible music when gardening outside the house or for better audio when using their computer.


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