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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Adventurous Girlfriend

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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If your woman loves adventure, there are many gifts that she will love to get this holiday. These might include the little things that make camping easy and also the big things that she may not be ready to purchase for herself.

We’ve compiled a list of the products that can make the best gifts for any woman in your life who loves hiking, camping, and adventure.

Gift Ideas for Your Adventurous Girlfriend

1. 3-IN-1 Camp chair

This is a great gift for any person who is always on the go. It transforms from a lightweight backpack to a stool with an in-built cooler bag and drinks. It folds down into a small item to carry around while hiking or stored in the car trunk.

2. Rechargeable hand warmer

The rechargeable hand warmer is a perfect gift idea for any woman who likes to go hiking during the winter season. It makes it easy to help her keep her hands warm during the cold months.

3. Filtration Bottle

Finding clean water as a hiker can be challenging, and for environmentally conscious women, purchasing plastic water bottles will never be an awesome idea.

A filtration bottle will solve all her hydration issues. This water bottle comes with an inbuilt filtration unit that filters water as it passes through the straw when you are drinking. It features carbon capsules inside that remove bacteria inside the water that you like to backpack by.

4. Power bank

Finding a power source can be a real hustle for any traveler. If you are prone to living in hostels, you know that battling for a single outlet is always a gruesome battle. The power bank comes with 2 USB outputs for powering your smartphones. Get a power bank that is waterproof and rugged such that it will be safe during the hiking experience.

5. Hiking outfit

Having a windbreaker is important is it will come in handy in the transitional weather when it’s too windy and slightly cold. The outfit can come with a large pocket for extra storage space. Heavy-duty yet stylish hiking boots will keep your woman ready for a great adventure.

6. A Flannel, Joggers, and Duck Boots

This is the best camping outfit you can give your woman. She can’t go camping without a flannel since it’s a required outfit for outdoor activities. From the morning runs to the afternoon walks in the woods, she will enjoy her moments in cozy joggers and duck boots.

7. Hiking socks

Hiking socks are the best gift for an adventurous woman. They will keep her feet cool and nice during summer hikes and warm as they ski in the winter. You can also add a winter jacket to make the gift more presentable.

8. Waterproof outfit

There are many waterproof jackets that guarantee luxurious comfort, style, and practicality. This means you will not have to choose between functionality and fashion. They will offer a timeless silhouette that will stay on trend for many years. This lightweight jacket brings a classic style with a waterproof, breathable membrane that keeps water away. The lightweight jacket is a perfect gift for her, especially if she likes camping and hiking during the rainy season. On top of that, you can consider adding waterproof trousers to your cart as a good gesture that you think about her wellbeing.

9. Pocket knife and sheath

It is pretty surprising how frequently she will need a sharp, chic knife when hiking or camping. Whether it’s for cutting rope, chopping veggies, or fending off bears, a reliable pocket knife will come in handy. Additionally, your outdoor-loving woman will look like an absolute badass with this beautiful gift sheathed to her waist belt.

10. Inspirational outdoor T-shirt

A gift of a stunning tee that inspires your adventurous woman to get out and have fun in the woods is a sure way to impress her. She can wear the t-shirt on her epic camping and hiking adventures or just hang around.


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