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5 Unfamiliar Claims in Personal Injury Law

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Victims of personal injury are often left with several challenges, including medical expenses, pain & suffering, and much more. Unfortunately, a good number of these casualties do not know they can be compensated while the other group doesn’t know where to get help.

Seeking justice for personal injury is one thing, but being aware your situation can be resolved through personal injury law is a different thing. Some accidents qualify for personal injury claims but most people think they’re not part of it. If you’re an accident victim living in Alaska, you should visit law firms in Anchorage Alaska, AK to get an insight into the types of accidents you can cite under personal injury law.

5 Unfamiliar Claims in Personal Injury Law

  1. Airplane Accidents

When the word accident is mentioned most people think of road accidents. However, there are many other types of accidents. According to Injury Facts, 1,139 airplane accidents occurred in 2020 alone, which is a significant number.

Airplane accidents cause severe injuries and premature deaths in Alaska and the world over. Victims of aviation accidents have to persevere costly medical treatments and a painful recovery process. Your injuries may force you to stop working and it will be difficult to cater for the medical expenses. So, what are you to do in such a scenario? Aviation law is complex and you’ll need an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side. He/she will investigate your case and initiate a personal injury lawsuit to get the maximum compensation on your behalf.

Regardless of the situation, you are entitled to compensation and other damages for personal injuries if you were hurt because of another person’s negligence. A personal injury lawyer will obtain compensation for medical expenses and lost wages while you focus on healing and resting. We understand airplane accidents can be traumatic.

  1. Defective Products

A manufacturer, designer, installer, inspector, or distributor is held liable for injuries sustained by people who used their products. Effective quality control is crucial in the manufacturing and production industry. If you’ve suffered injuries, thanks to harmful or substandard products, you can sue for compensation under product liability law. Defective product lawsuits are complex and need the expertise of experienced personal injury lawyers. Product liability claims are categorized into:

  • Manufacturer errors.
  • Product design flaws.
  • Warning issues.
  1. Medical Malpractice

Being admitted to a care facility or a hospital can be scary, particularly when you have to go under the knife. You’re forced to trust a stranger with your life, although the primary goal is to improve your current health situation. Unfortunately, sometimes your health can deteriorate due to the doctor’s negligence. You can even lose a loved one in the process.

Proving negligence in medical malpractice can be tricky and requires to be handled by an expert. A personal injury lawyer specializing in medical malpractice can investigate your legal situation. Common medical malpractices include:

  • Infection from hospital equipment.
  • Poor administration of medication.
  • Delivery blunders.
  • Misdiagnosis complications.
  1. Wrongful Deaths

The dependents of a deceased whose death was caused by the negligence of another can sue for a wrongful death claim in Alaska. Dependents can include the spouse, parents, siblings, or anyone who financially depended on the deceased, whether partially or wholly. Wrongful deaths involve a wide range of claims, including:

  • Road accidents, involving bicycles, trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, and much more.
  • Airplane accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents.
  • Toxic exposure.
  • Harmful and defective products.
  • Drug overdose.
  • Care facility abuse.
  • Elderly abuse.
  1. Life Insurance Denial

Life insurances provide financial support after the death of a contributor. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will try to devalue, delay, or even deny legitimate claims, and such behavior can put beneficiaries in an awkward position. A personal injury lawyer who has specialized in life insurance can help if legitimate claims have been denied, delayed, or devalued. Common excuses used cited by insurance companies in life insurance denials include:

  • Misrepresentation of facts.
  • Insufficient evidence to back claims.
  • Lack of a will.
  • Policy updating issues. Marriages, divorces, or new births should be highlighted in policy documents.
  • Contradictions in beneficiary designation.
  • Policy lapse.
  • Policy exclusion issues.
  1. Dog Bites

As per studies done by CDC, 4.5 million Americans suffer from dog bites annually and most victims are below 9 years of age. Dog bites can cause serious diseases and victims should be attended to, quickly. If the negligence of a dog owner results in a dog bite you should contact a personal injury lawyer who handles dog bite lawsuits. You can build a strong case by doing the following:

  • Keeping dog bites medical records safely.
  • Photographing your injuries.
  • Documenting witness reports and taking their details.
  • Reporting the dog attack to the nearest police station.

Accident victims should contact personal injury lawyers even if they’re unsure if their situations qualify for personal injury claims. A lawyer will provide legal representation and advise you appropriately.


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