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5 Types of Engagement Rings You Can Opt For

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The wedding ring industry is thriving, with approximately 119 thousand marriages recorded in 2020; Australia’s wedding scene has evolved over the years. Every year, new trends and fashion emerge in the wedding ring industry. Distinct kinds of wedding rings could have different symbolic connotations as well. Choosing the best for you may be a time-consuming process. Finding the proper conventional or best ring may be stressful. No matter what, you could be searching for your beloved one or even yourself.

The engagement ring is an ornament that will be worn for your entire life. Therefore you must select one which you will adore. Rather than plunging into all different styles of au engagement rings in one go, you must first understand the drawback and benefits of each design so you can narrow down your options and select the best one.

Listed below are some details about different styles of an engagement ring:

Solitaire Rings: This ring is the most uncomplicated design you may choose as it simply has one stone placed at the centre. Whilst majority solitaires rings are simple, the diamond you choose will also significantly impact the entire aesthetic. Modern forms such as Marquise, Pear and Oval, may elevate this simple pattern into a striking look. The ideal solitaire wedding ring may include your unique style whether you’re searching for traditional or go adventurous.

Trilogy Rings: Rings with three stones were formerly considered a traditional design, but they are now much more contemporary. This polished design will grab everyone’s attention, whether it has colourful side gems for a splash of colour or extended stone patterns like Emerald and Marquise. Trilogy engagement rings have a profound emotive significance of present, future, or even the past, in addition to their beautiful attractiveness. So as you begin with this new chapter in your life, you may cherish some old memories.

Halo Rings: The halo ring consists of a central stone surrounded by gemstones or diamonds in a cluster or square. The halo arrangement enlarges the central stone, which is a fantastic way of making a tiny diamond look more prominent, and it improves the ring’s whole brilliance. They are available in a multitude of fascinating forms, including those that resemble flowers. Halo rings can also help reduce costs on a lesser diamond without compromising the overall look of your ring. Adding a colourful gem surrounded or placing the halo jewels in a different colour metal can also create a colour difference.

Vintage Rings: Many exquisite engagement ring types are created to match specific jewellery trend periods, such as Edwardian or Victorian era designs. Sophisticated detailed work, like milgrain, filigree, etc., is frequently found on this ring type. Filigree is still a unique metalwork technique that involves soldering tiny metal beads and corrugated iron threads on the jewel’s body. Milgrain uses a form of decoration on vintage-style rings to give it an “antique” look. It consists of small metal balls adorning, ring’s sidewalls and its crown.

Cluster Rings: They are designed to resemble a big diamond; these cluster au engagement rings are comprised of stones clustered firmly together. It may have a bigger centred diamond or even a cluster of gems of different sizes and colours. This clustered setting gives the centre diamond a more prominent appearance, which is considerably smaller than the actual size. This type of ring has an elegant look.

Now that you have a better perspective of different rings go get the best one for you.


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