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5 Tips on Creating Instagram Content Strategies for Small Businesses

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Later this year, Instagram will celebrate its 12th birthday! In the past 11 years, Instagram attracted just over one billion active users. A quarter of the world’s active internet users access Instagram each month!

This wealth of users translates into a wealth of social media marketing opportunities. But, how does your business tap into the goldmine of potential clients? What sets regular Instagram posts apart from refined content designed to meet specific goals?

The answer is strategy. This post will give you five tips for creating Instagram content strategies that draw in new followers and move people along your sales funnel. Dive in for the deets!

1. Assess Your Audience

Do you know your audience? Do you understand what they want? What days and times are they usually on Instagram?

Understanding your audience will help you make choices that cater to their needs and wants. Remember that people don’t buy what you sell, they buy the lifestyle they’ll have after purchasing what you have. You need to make sure that the content on your page shows the life that your audience wants to experience.

2. Set Your Style

Of the top brands on Instagram, 60 percent of them use the same filter for every post. Having visual consistency across your posts (and across your varying social media platforms) will create instant recognition and comfort in your audience.

You want people to stop scrolling or hold your Story. They’re more likely to do so when they instantly recognize the style and the brand.

3. Energentically Engage

Engagement means the way your interact with your followers. Do you like comments or respond back to DMs? Is your tone cheeky or serious?

Authentic engagement personalizes your business. When marketing businesses online, it’s tempting to automate engagement. Automated engagement fails because it lacks the personal touch that people crave in online businesses.

Find an engagement style that fits your branding and stick with it.

4. Purchase A Planning Tool

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely super busy! A key to creating Instagram content strategies that work is planning. You’ll want to post on a regular schedule, follow content themes, and select images to craft a beautiful grid.

An easy way to check all of those boxes is by using an Instagram planning tool. There are a variety of tools to try. Find one that allows you to schedule posts, track engagement, edit photos, and set goals.

5. Create Killer Content

With all the other tips in mind, you can create killer content. Use compelling captions, include calls to action, and don’t forget about Instagram templates! Mix mediums and content types, collaborate with influencers, and use ads to your advantage!

Set Aside Time For Creating Instagram Content Strategies Today

Creating Instagram content strategies that work for your business takes time, trial, and error. The more you fine-tune your strategies, the more success you’ll find marketing with Instagram.

On our blog, you’ll find other helpful tips for your business, your brain, and your life. Check out more today!


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