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5 Talent Acquisition Strategies to Help You Find the Right People

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The cost of a bad hire is steep, up to 30% of an employee’s earnings in the first year. About 74% of companies said that they made a bad hire.

It’s hard to find qualified candidates to work for your company, especially in this tight labor market. You simply can’t afford to get it wrong.

Do you want to know the secrets of talent acquisition that companies use to hire and retain the best employees?

Keep reading to discover the top talent acquisition strategies that you can use to attract the top talent.

1. Employer Branding

Employees will knock each other over to work at companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon. That’s because these are well-known brands that have a reputation for treating employees well.

What does your brand say about your business? Do people associate it with a great place to work?

Take a look at employee forums and see what people have to say about your business. Internal employee surveys are another way to gauge your brand.

Know what you promise employees, such as a strong company culture or work with a purpose. These are things that will bring top talent to your organization.

2. Start an Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program is a win-win situation for you and your employees. Employees get a financial incentive to refer people they know to work for you.

You’ll win because you’ll have a deep talent pool to draw upon. They’re also trustworthy candidates since your employees already vouch for them.

3. Get Outside Help

You don’t have to do everything yourself. You can get assistance from a staffing agency. They have a wide network of candidates to draw from.

An agency like Molly Brown Temp Agency gets talent for temp and temp-to-hire positions. Staffing agencies screen candidates and do most of the work, so you can focus on running your organization.

4. Use Data and Automation

You might be familiar with automated lead nurturing. Have you heard of automated candidate nurturing? It’s a way to communicate with job candidates on a regular basis without having to do it manually.

It keeps the prospect pool fresh and reduces the amount of time it takes to hire candidates.

Data-driven talent acquisition strategies analyze every aspect of the hiring process, from response rates to retention rates.

You’ll be able to leverage data to improve each stage of the hiring process to ensure you hire the right people and refine your talent management strategies.

5. Expand Talent Outreach

Do you spend all day scouting job boards and LinkedIn to find candidates? It’s not as targeted as going to meetings and conferences where potential employees go.

If you’re looking for an IT expert, spend time on StackExchange and conferences that they go to.

The Best Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract Employees

It’s difficult to find a qualified candidate to fill a position. You can’t hire just anyone because the wrong hire is too costly.

These talent acquisition strategies help you get the best talent that stays at your business for years to come.

Do you want more tips to make your business an elite business? Visit the blog for more great content today!


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