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5 Compelling Reasons to Go on a Mission Trip

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Losing faith in others, God, or yourself? Feeling lost is a normal feeling to have during this time, and you may not understand why you’re actually in this world.

Maybe you struggle with purpose. You may feel frightened and like you’re not in control, which can make the following step in life more difficult. This feeling is similar to a life without Jesus and faith.

Read on to find out why going on a mission trip is beneficial to yourself and others.

1. God Can Work Through You

On a church trip, we can let God work in considerable ways in our lives and in the lives of those we are serving. He moves in each life and you may not notice, but he changes lives. God can find His powerful ways through you if you let Him.

2. Allows the Reality of International Missions

It’s tough for someone who has never been on an overseas mission trip to know the reality of overseas missions. However, they might understand the need to complete the tasks if they hear a global missionary talk about their vocation.

Culture and context may differ, but the work is quite the same. Although the manner you approach the work is different, the need and urgency of the career are the same.

3. You Will Meet Jesus

Are you still feeling like you haven’t met Christ? Do you desire to go more in-depth and encounter Him in a unique way when you have? How about meeting Him on the other side of the globe, where there is music and happiness?

The mission trip experience will let us see God in forms we never have before. You can leave the stresses of work or college life behind you. This will allow you to be more vulnerable and open to the love of God.

4. Go Out and See the World

In this computer age, there are so many distractions like phones, social media, and other gadgets. These can’t teach you everything you need to learn about life.

You can search for whatever you need online and communicate with whomever. However, that’s different from holding your loved one’s hands or having deep face-to-face talks with your family.

It’s not the same as making a wheelchair for the elderly and seeing their face lights up with gratitude and joy. When you head on a mission trip, you can share the beautiful word of the Gospel with everyone anywhere.

5. It’s a Life-Changing Experience

Your life and the lives of the people you serve will most definitely change. The best mission trips will anchor into your heart. With God’s message, every person you reach out to can push you closer to Christ.

How life-changing can it be to go on popular mission trips? Well, God makes use of your time on a mission to do amazing things in other people’s lives. If you’re ready to set out for a life-changing trip, check out the best missionary sending organization to start planning ahead.

Take an Amazing Adventure With Mission Trips!

Mission trips are exceptional. Even if you can’t go on a mission, you can view daily life as a mission trip. We live in this world to praise His name in everything we do. You may want to start planning your next mission trip for your family or church for all the reasons mentioned above.

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