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5 benefits that VoIP Telephones offers your company

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A company interested in having an updated technological platform always seeks to be at the forefront in all aspects. In relation to the telephone system, today’s IT solutions are more flexible, cheaper, and more powerful than a traditional telephone exchange. Through the use of network protocols, Voice over IP or VoIP allows the integration of computer equipment with the telephone system to provide more benefits to the company.

Next, we detail the Five Advantages of VoIP phones:

  1. Economic Savings:

The company can achieve economic savings of up to 90% in telephone service since by using the Internet, the use of additional lines can be dispensed with. In general, the calls made between different VoIP devices are free and when the communication is established between VoIP users and a conventional telephone line, the cost of the call is covered by the former, and its price is 50% lower.

For these reasons, communication through VoIP technology is being increasingly used to make international calls. In terms of equipment, existing phones can also be used, although they do not have the same advantages as IP phones.

  1. Promote telecommuting:

It offers the possibility of establishing conference-type communication, integrating it with smartphones, locating extensions from the employees’ homes if they work from home; it allows the integration of a large number of services such as instant messaging, email, and videoconferencing.

  1. Growth:

There is no limit to growth and as a solution that receives frequent updates; your company’s phone system will not be obsolete for long.

  1. Improve customer service:

You have the option of installing a virtual operator who can answer several incoming calls at the same time and transfer the calls to those who really need to answer it, avoiding customers having to wait to be attended.

It also offers all the statistics on the waiting time of your customers and how many calls you receive, and in this way, you can adjust the number of your customer service team.

  1. All the functions you need

The functionalities of traditional telephony are limited. Now, with VoIP, you already have all the functions you may need at your fingertips. For example:

  • Advanced Caller ID.
  • Calls waiting.
  • IVR (interactive voice response).
  • Sending the recording that someone has left in your voicemail to an email account that you have designated.
  • Viewing the details of calls made or received.
  • Call recording etc.
  • What do you need? With a VoIP phone, it is possible.


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