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5 Additions and Alterations for a Pet-friendly Living Space

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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For the majority of us pet owners, our furry friends have become a part of our families. They bring joy into our lives similar to how kids bring joy to their parents. Owning a pet is a privilege, and we often seek to pamper them to give them the best lives we could possibly provide them. 

Which is why it isn’t surprising to hear of homeowners looking to do A&A works and renovations to accommodate their pets’ needs. Modern-day dog and cat breeds are used to comfortable living, and as pet owners, we tend to spoil pampered pets even as far as doing renovations for their enjoyment and convenience. 

Here are some additions and alterations that are perfect for those pet-friendly households! Your furry companion would love having their own pet stairs fitted to their size, or their personal pet house underneath the stairs! Consider one or more of these ideas in your next discussion with your renovation contractor! 

1. Pet Stairs

While animals are considered agile and hardy, many stories about pets twisting a limb after jumping up and down high surfaces have become a phenomenon for many pet owners. Our homes are fitted to accommodate our heights and sizes, not our pets. 

Incorporating pet stairs that go up to beds, sofas, tables, and other areas that your pet is allowed to would be more comfortable to them as the steps on these stairs are fitted to their smaller strides. This is especially helpful for households with young pets, as the animals may not know their limits in jumping to and fro high places. 

2. Feeding Stations

Many pet owners now have timed, automated feeding stations to provide their pets with fresh food and water even while they’re out at work. These stations can become a mess, which is why pet owners should consider feeding stations for their pets with floor matting, elevated bowls, and more to make dining comfortable for their furry companions. 

3. Dog Bathing Area

Dogs, especially large breeds like Golden Retrievers, Siberian Huskies, and Samoyeds, are notoriously difficult to bathe. They get water everywhere, and even the pet owner gets showered with soapy water once the dog shakes itself dry in the middle of bathing. Create a bathing area complete with a movable showerhead, low tub, and screened drain to catch the fur. 

4. Catwalks

Cats love to climb. It’s in their natural instinct to climb up high places, but indoor cats may have trouble getting down from said high places. Adding catwalks that are sturdy, high up, and go around the house is a great addition for your cats to jump and play around in! Incorporate them into your hallways, common rooms, and mudroom to let the cats have fun with them.

5. Staircase Pet House

The space beneath your staircase holds a ton of possibilities from using the area as a shoe closet, to storing your cleaning supplies. One creative way of using the space is to create a comfortable pet house or corner your cat or dog can retreat to when they’re stressed. Place a dog door, cushions, and their favorite toys there for their comfort!

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