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4 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Company

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Full transparency is critical to maintaining a relationship with your SEO organisation. If things aren’t going great with your SEO, a responsible SEO company will reveal it straight to you. You will get the good and the bad.

But it is possible to find less honest agencies who are simply looking to take your money. This article explores ways to identify and avoid them and ensure you are collaborating with reliable and trustworthy SEO professionals.

  1. They ask for your data and logins

One of the warning signs of an agency or consultant trying to trap you is by starting the engagement by asking for complete control over your passwords, logins, data and reports.

Most businesses fall for this trap since SEO companies assure them that they will only be handling it as part of their service package. But if things don’t work between you and your SEO company, it can be truly dangerous.

For example, you may want to stop working with your agency or consultant. They could hostage your data and logins to keep the contract going.

  1. They don’t listen to your story

When it comes to reporting on metrics, another red flag of a less than stellar agency or consultant is always reporting their side of the story instead of yours.

They highlight what went right and their achievements. It convinces you to pay more on the upcoming renewal.

But these agencies will never talk about what went wrong and what didn’t work. They don’t point out lessons learned to make the current campaign more successful, critical for significant wins.

Only knowing part of the story can be detrimental to your business and your learning. Failing to be transparent with your agency or consultant can be a disservice because you will not be learning from your mistakes.

  1. Transactional partnerships

You must be mindful of how an agency or consultant pitches, which is very telling of how the relationship will proceed and operate. For entertainment katmoviehd for better entertainment.

Professional SEO companies will want to help you and tell you how they can do so. But shady companies will only tell you how much their services cost and how monthly meetings must be arranged. This spells the difference between hiring a partner and a vendor.

A partner will go through thick and thin with you and weather the storm even when things aren’t going well. The two of you will celebrate wins as a team.

But suppose an agency comes in and spends a couple of hours talking about how fantastic their company is without providing any insight or what services they can do for you. In that case, the relationship probably won’t be fruitful.

Although there is nothing wrong with a company showing their successes, it is best to collaborate with companies who research your brand and provide actionable things that they believe can be accomplished together. Data must support these. These companies care about your business, and while they will be sending you a bill every month, you know that the investment is worth it.

  1. Outdated case studies

SEO changes every day. And although you may have had wins with your website a decade ago, the same may not hold for your performance in the current year. The lesson here is to be agile and dig deeper into your wins and when they happen. When SEO changes as much as it does, even a project that was successful a couple of years ago may have no relevance today.


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