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4 Reasons to Buy a Sublimation Printing Machine

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Ask around, and you will hear the same answer – Sublimation Printing Machine from EPSON. It’s the most recent high-performance, best-in-class digital color inkjet printer from EPSON Corporation. It’s capable of producing breathtaking color outputs and represents a class of printing technologies unparalleled in the Corporate Graphics Industry. Sublimation is a popular choice for all types of printers for a number of reasons.

Sublimation printers utilize special type of ink that contains negative charge. This charge provides the glossy, vibrant look that has become so popular with today’s printing community. The sublimation transfer paper can be used to print on any surface that an inkjet would be able to print onto. The advantage of sublimation printing over other forms of printer ink is that the process does not require any heat-tuning. This allows for sublimation printers to work with printing materials that are of any kind including glossy, matte, and even UV protected with a tint.

Sublimation printers are more energy efficient than other printer types. This is because the Sublimation transfer paper does not require any cooling time, so the printer is able to perform its job almost double the time. With sublimation printers, there is no warm up or cooling down. Because of this, there is absolutely no waiting time before a document is printed. You simply turn it on and get instant results.

Sublimation printers are capable of printing high resolution graphics. A typical inkjet printer can only handle low resolution graphics while a sublimation machine can handle resolutions as high as 400 DPI. This allows the inkjet printing technology to be used for large format office documents as well as printing images from digital photographs. If you are in need of high resolution photo imaging, then a sublimation machine would be your best option.

The sublixpress Sublimation Printer has an exceptional water resistance ability. There are other types of inkjet printers that have trouble with printing when the surrounding environment is moist, such as during a holiday season. However, the Sublimation printer’s water resistant feature will help you save money because it dries quickly and doesn’t smear if it does get wet. Another great thing about using the sublixpress machine is that there are no droplets or spatter. This means that you can use it with any type of printing media including acetate, flexix, or polyester fabric printing.

One of the most popular uses for the sublimation printing machine is for large format dye sublimation. This type of printer has the ability to produce prints in a variety of different dimensions. If you want to create a beautiful border or lamination for a large format document, then this type of printer can help you create the result with minimal frustration.

Many businesses use the sublimation printing to create t-shirt designs. When using this type of printer, it is important to make sure that you have a standard sized t-shirt on hand. You also need to make sure that you do not print on the wrong side of the t-shirt. By doing these simple things, you can ensure that your t-shirt will look good on all of your future shirts.

A Wi-Fi printer is also capable of printing wireless. This is a great feature for many reasons. If you are printing a lot of information, then you can connect your printer wirelessly to multiple computers. In addition to printing, you can also transfer information to multiple devices wirelessly using this technology. You can print any document or image and then transfer it wirelessly to a new computer.


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