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4 Common Prejudices about Multiple Monitor Setups

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Many people get information from various sources, but mostly from the internet. And let’s not forget all the fake news, rumours, and made-up data that are freely available on multiple websites too. What is best for you and what is not? You are bound to find people going into raptures about their multi-monitor setups. After they’ve spent time, money, and effort to set the entire thing up, it is a given. So, click here to learn in-depth about a 6 monitor setup.

But it is hard to find reliable sources of information online nowadays. Thanks to a selected few parties with no integrity. So, you should clearly know your goals and how a 6 monitor setup will impact your life. Before you buy a similar model to your celebrity crushes. Sadly, quite a few myths and wrong information about multiple monitor setups have taken over the markets by storm. From bigger productivity to improved lifestyles, this article covers people’s common myths about monitor setups.

  • Multitasking

You might have interacted with people who claim they are the gods of multitasking. You might have even claimed it yourself. I know I have. But one bewildering fact to note is that; every neuroscientist and psychologist will tell you this, the human brain is incapable of multitasking. We only believe that we are handling tasks simultaneously because the switch in the brain happens faster than our human brains can comprehend.

Several people with a 6 monitor setup firmly believe that they can effortlessly multitask, but in the real sense, they aren’t. While you can easily have several tabs open in the various displays for quick reference. Whereas, multitasking is ultimately not feasible. We are less effective when ‘multitasking’ than when you entirely work on one task before proceeding to the next.

  • Productivity Is A Given

Many studies boast that having a 6 monitor setup could undoubtedly increase your productivity rate by up to 30 to 50%. However, they fail to consider that human beings are inherently different and hence can’t give similar results. Some other factors that affect productivity include the type of work involved and the workflow management of the individual.

The multiple displays could also potentially be a source of distraction. This is especially true if you are viewing chat platforms, games, and other websites that are not work-related. The productivity of an individual using a 6 monitor setup is therefore not guaranteed to be optimal at all times.

  • Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better for a 6 Monitor Setup

Being able to meticulously handle a 6 monitor setup is certainly not a feat for the fainthearted. However, having a larger workspace ensures your space isn’t constrained, thus reducing the possibilities of clutter and cramping. You, therefore, need to have a little background information on technology to fully optimize your 6 monitor setup.

However, just as great power comes great responsibility, so does scaling your display setup. The more the screens mean more cables that could ultimately be a nuisance if not tied back or guided neatly. If your power supply is far away from your workstation, the exposed wires could also pose a tripping hazard to you and other users of the room. 

I’m not sure about you, but the idea of falling or having a clusterfuck of cables lying around a room doesn’t exactly spark joy, now does it? You might be better off prioritizing quality over quantity. If you don’t necessarily need to own a 6 monitor setup, you can start with a two or three setup. This is if they can comfortably meet all your work and gaming needs. Remember, less can still be more if configured and optimized well.

  • Balance

You might think that when you have a multi-monitor setup balancing between social media, work and gaming will naturally become a walk in the park. But that is never the case. Attaining the perfect balance when dealing with a 6 monitor setup could just as well be a pipe dream. Most people assume that you can quickly develop a balanced approach for all your work needs when you have more. But that might be a pipe dream. The more projects you have at hand, the harder it will be to be impartial and give equal attention to all your projects.

You must be witty when managing distractions like social media, organizing a steady workflow, and scheduling your work and entertainment like gaming. You might also find yourself in scenarios where you must share your 6 monitor setup with other people like workmates or even pesky family members. Finding a practical way to keep everyone happy while still progressively working on your projects won’t be child’s play.

Final Thoughts

Before you procure a similar display to that of your famous tech influencer, you must first understand that you probably have different PC needs from them. Thus, what works for them might not necessarily work for you. And people have their preconceptions of what the 6 monitor setup will do for them; therefore, take everything you hear and read on the Internet with a grain of salt. You will ultimately use the setup alone; therefore, always put your needs first. This will ensure that you make a personalized and informed decision for you alone.


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