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3 Helpful Tips for Caring for Elderly Parents

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Did you know that 53 million people are over the age of 65 in this country? The population of seniors is growing, which means that more and more will need care and assistance as they age. This group is growing rapidly and is expected to increase in the coming years, and the burden of care will most likely fall on their children or close relatives.

Do you have a loved one that is getting older and needs help? Caring for elderly parents can become difficult, especially if they require more hands-on assistance. Check out these top three tips here.

1. Start a Discussion

The first step is to have a meeting with your loved one’s close relatives to discuss the level of assistance needed, and what the best course of action is. You may be able to get a caregiver’s help so that your elderly parent can age in place and remain in their home. And don’t forget one of the most important steps, which is to have an open and honest conversation with your parent about their hopes and expectations for the future and their care.

2. Contact Healthcare Providers

In order to make an informed decision, it is wise to contact your loved one’s healthcare providers first. Find out the state of their health, what medical assistance they may need, whether they need help taking prescriptions or creating a healthy diet. Then you will know what kind of care is best, from helping them remember appointments to getting advice about any illnesses or conditions that they have.

3. Get Professional Help

There may come a time when neither you nor your relatives can provide the level of care that your parent needs. Then you can get professional help with in-home care. A nurse can monitor medical conditions and ensure that medications are being taken, a treatment plan is being followed, and all their needs are being met.

Bonus Tips For Caring For Elderly Parents

If you feel that you can’t give the care that your loved one needs, it may be time to look at housing options. There are many types to explore, from going to an independent senior apartment-style situation to moving to assisted living. Specialized homes are good at providing care for patients with dementia and other health challenges that are beyond your skillset.

Provide Care For Your Parents

Now that you’ve learned these tips for caring for elderly parents, you can be proactive and try some of them out on your own. But before you do, meet with your close relatives who are invested in their care, and try to make decisions together. You should try to involve your loved ones in the process as well so that they can express their wishes for their care.

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