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3 Best Brands of Refrigerators

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Buying a new house, food spoilage, loud motors, and skyrocketing utility bills are all surefire signs that buying a new refrigerator is in your future. The days of running to your local large appliance store and choosing from a few different options are long gone, though. Today, consumers have hundreds of options from a wide variety of brands to choose from.

With all of these brands of refrigerators, how do you know which ones make for the best investment? We can help you decide. Read on to learn about the brands to look for when you’re buying a refrigerator!

  1. Sub Zero

The first entry on this list is easily one of the most sought-after brands of refrigerators out there. Many people who want one will add one to their home…if they can stomach the price tag. 

Sub Zeros command a high price because of everything from their quality components, gorgeous styling, and attention to detail. Each Sub Zero fridge combines reliable temperature control, humidity, and air circulation to help make your food stay fresher for longer amounts of time. 

Sub Zero refrigerators come in many different styles. Some match cabinetry to blend into your kitchen, while others feature the classic stainless steel look.

  1. LG

If you want a more reasonably-priced refrigerator, but don’t want to skimp on the features, then LG is a great option for you. LG has refrigerators that feature a door within a door to maximize storage space. Keep frequently used items inside the outer doors to help preserve the food inside of the fridge.

On top of all of the features, LG refrigerators are incredibly reliable. Both the humidity controls and the air filtration systems are managed electronically with advanced sensors. LG backs all of this up, too, with warranties for the different parts of the refrigerator.

  1. GE

GE is a brand of refrigerator that has been around for a while, and for good reason. GE builds some of the most reliable refrigerators on the market today. 

Many GE refrigerators contain a variety of features from ice makers, water filters, apps, and WiFi connectivity. Some even feature Keurig coffee that you can brew straight from the refrigerator door and Shabbos mode for those who observe Shabbos. Aesthetically, GE refrigerators are made of fingerprint-resistant materials, and they come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

With all of these unique features and styles, GE is a pretty great option.

Look for These Brands of Refrigerators on Your Search!

There are so many different brands of refrigerators on the market, and it can feel like an impossible decision to choose one for your home. Thankfully, if you narrow your search down to a few high-quality brands, purchasing a refrigerator becomes far less overwhelming. Happy new refrigerator shopping!

Do you need more help making decisions about all things related to buying and owning a home? You’re in luck! Check out the rest of our blog for tons of great tips!


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