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12 Patio Chair Covers That Can Make Your Summer Unforgettable

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Patio furniture covers are a perfect way to protect patio sets from stains and damage that can be caused by rain, snow, dust, debris and more. When patio furniture is covered you can protect the patio set for many years against damage, without spending a lot of money on buying new patio sets.

Patio covers are not only good to have, but they are also stylish and decorative, which makes them perfect to have no matter what material your patio furniture is made of. Covers come in many different colors and styles. They also come in different materials like vinyl, mesh or fabric (polyester). The most commonly used patio furniture covers are bench patio chair covers but you can always opt for patio loveseat covers if you don’t need bench patio chair covers at all times.

Patio furniture covers should be treated like any other patio equipment during the winter season – they must be stored in a garage, patio home or patio storage to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

During the winter season you can also try patio furniture covers that come with an extra cushion – this type of patio furniture covers will provide you with extra comfort and warmth during those chilly evenings on your patio.

Once you have purchased patio furniture for your patio, you should consider buying patio chair covers as well as bench patio chair covers. These types of patio furniture are usually more expensive than standard chairs and they do take a toll on the environment when left outside during harsh weather conditions.

Here is a list of 12 waterproof patio chair covers that will suit any style or taste:

  • If you want a nice stylish bench cover then look no further because this bench cover is the patio furniture cover for you. It is made of polyester fabric, which makes it resistant to water, mildew mold and fading. This patio loveseat cover comes with an elastic hem that will fit around your patio loveseat just perfect.
  • Pros: stylish patio furniture cover, resistant material Cons: some customers have reported that this patio chair cover is too small for their patio loveseat
  • This patio chair cover is very easy to maintain since it can be easily machine washed in cold water. The fabric used for manufacturing this patio chair cover is waterproof yet breathable so you will stay dry when using this patio furniture cover even on hot summer nights. It also has UV protection so sun’s harmful rays are not able to penetrate through patio furniture cover.
  • Customers that have purchased patio chair covers from this brand are very satisfied with the quality of patio chair covers and they highly recommend them to their friends. They say, however, that patio loveseat cover would be a better choice if you have a big patio set at your disposal since it will fit patio loveseat perfectly.
  • Pros: breathable fabric, UV protection Cons: some customers claim that patio chair and bench patio chair covers should not be used together
  • This is an ultimate waterproof patio furniture cover that comes with features like water-resistant material and cushioned seat pads for extra comfort. This patio furniture cover has also been treated with Protektor which enables it to repel water as well as resist mildew and mold.
  • Customers are extremely satisfied with patio chair covers, they say that patio furniture cover is sturdy and the seat pads are very comfortable. They also mention that patio loveseat patio chair covers fit patio loveseat perfectly. However some customers have mentioned problems with an elastic band that should be used to keep patio furniture cover in place – other than this minor issue patio chair covers are great.
  • Pros: waterproof material, water-resistant treatment, cushioned seat pads Cons: some customers claim that waterproof patio furniture covers don’t stay put during heavy rain or strong wind gusts


Patio furniture covers patio chair and bench patio chair should be stored in a garage, patio home or patio storage during the winter season. Furthermore, patio furniture covers patio loveseat will protect your patio set from water damage, sun damage and other harsh weather conditions.

Patio chair covers patio loveseat is perfect if you want an extra cushion to keep you warm and comfortable during those chilly evenings on your patio. Lastly, waterproof patio furniture cover is a great choice because it will protect any outdoor equipment from moisture as well as sun damage if used properly throughout the year.

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