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10 Steps Guide to Writing an Impactful Addiction Psychology Assignment

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Addiction psychology relates to the study and treatment of certain addictions. This is a great subject to study as it involves deep analysis of a person’s mental health. Being a psychology student, you can propose effective solutions in your assignment. So, are you wondering about writing an outstanding addiction Psychology assignment? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

According to Statista, in the year 2021, the estimated number of illegal drug users was 296 million worldwide. Out of this number, 39.5 million users are considered “problem drug users” and therefore categorised as having a drug use disorder. In another report by Statista published on Nov 30, 2023, approximately 289 thousand adults were treated for drug misuse. This portrays that drug consumption number among adults has been increased from 2021-2022.

 So, this highlights that addictive behavioural patterns in people are increasing day by day. The death rate due to critical addiction sounds alarming. Therefore, addiction psychology courses must be studied to propose better solutions to control evolving situations. In this regard, you can contribute positively by writing a well-researched assignment that reflects possible solutions and impresses your teacher. 

Let’s read more about addiction psychology, what it is and how you can write a polished assignment on this subject. 

What Is Addiction Psychology?

Addiction Psychology is a great deal profession that involves the study and treatment of psychological addictions. The area involves the excessive consumption of drugs, including psychoactive elements such as nicotine and marijuana. Besides this, it also includes behavioural addictions such as gambling, food, gaming and the internet.

While writing an assignment on addiction psychology, you can highlight the information, treatment, and root causes of addictions. Other than this, you can also add all the relevant theories and statistics to support your topic statement to combat the emerging challenges.

What Are the Two Types of Addiction Psychology?

 According to Healthline, the two main types of this addiction are mentioned below:

  1. Chemical Addiction (based on chemical consumption)
  2. Behavioural Addiction (based on behavioural consumption)

Both of these types enclose the profound phenomenon that triggers the consumer to become habitual of specific patterns.

10 Steps to Follow for Writing an Addiction Psychology Assignment

Some students think that writing an assignment is an easy task. Researching about a particular topic and directly writing the assignment is not the way to successful writing. Don’t jump directly on the writing; first, introduce your topic, then describe some types after that, extend it comprehensively. 

You can follow the below-mentioned essential steps to write your assignment. However, composing a perfect assignment requires expertise, time and deep research. If you find writing a winning assignment tricky, you can avail of addiction psychology assignment help from experts who can assist you write and deliver your concept effectively.

1. Formulate the Title

The first thing you need to do is understand your assignment’s title. Suppose you are working on an addiction Psychology assignment; then you need to  cover the various areas that will interlink all the concepts, such as 

  • Why is there a sudden rise in behavioural addiction?
  • The root cause of drug use.
  • Clinical management (treatment, rehabilitation).

Get a better understanding so that it will justify your title. The purpose is to understand and divide your title into chunks, thus making it easy to write. 

Here is a list of addiction Psychology assignment topics for 2024 that will help you choose an appropriate title:

  1. Theories of Behavioural Addiction
  2. Use of Drug Abuse and Its Impact on the Country’s Economy
  3. Emerging Cases of Drug Usage in the United Kingdom

2. Plan Your Writing

The next step you can follow is to make a proper writing plan. Planning before writing is essential because it gives you the direction to proceed comprehensively on the topic. You should know word limits, academic tone, and credible resources for conducting authentic research. 

As per the assignment planning guide proposed by the University of Wolverhampton, below are the quick steps to plan your writing:

  1. Evaluate your query. Are you being asked about the topic? Is this a Comparison or Discussion topic?
  2. Overlook the areas you need to put effort into.
  3. Set an appropriate time. Divide the task into sections and allot specific time to a particular section.
  4. It should be coherent in the flow, such as thinking about the problem>solution>evaluation> recommendation.

Ensure you follow the steps above to write your addiction Psychology assignment like a pro.

3. Research and Gather Ideas

Before writing, you must conduct deep research about psychological addiction and the sudden patterns that you can encounter. You can read articles, case studies and papers from different online sources and libraries to strengthen your viewpoint. Also, gather the information from books, journals, and the institute’s website. 

For example, you are advised to write about the strategies to control addictive behaviours. Writing the exact information in your addiction psychology assignment will help the reader understand the concept based on strategies. These small tricks will hook your readers with the idea you present.

4. Create an Outline

The most important part of writing a high-scoring addiction Psychology assignment is working on a crisp outline. The standard assignment structure, displayed by Griffith University, is mentioned below:

The image presented above gives you an idea that assignment writing requires a logical flow and proper sequencing. Therefore, create an outline that aims to impress your teacher, such as:

  • Introduce topic
  • Indicate aim or focus
  • Limit or scope
  • Structure of paper
  • Argument or thesis statement 

5. Incorporate Examples

Using examples makes your content more relatable and supports the ideas justifying the topic. Therefore, you should keenly insert examples in your addiction psychology assignment. This increases the readability and builds a stronger connection in your assignment.

As reported by NCBI, you can quote some real-world addiction psychology assignment examples, such as:

  • Severe Psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and obsessive thoughts
  • Distraction in social relationships
  • Imbalanced routines such as abrupt sleep patterns.

6. Use Infographics

A common question is, how do you write an addiction psychology assignment that wins a high score? The appropriate answer to this question is to try using innovation in your assignments. The best thing you can add is infographics. Infographics are the visual representation of your content; they could be a picture, a flowchart, a diagram or graphs. 

For example, you can add a schematic diagram related to a model of addiction in your addiction psychology assignment.

7. Apply Proper Formatting

Formatting is the most important of all the steps because it counts as the first and last impression. Use proper headings, subheadings, and alignment so that you can write outstanding assignments on addiction psychology. Doublecheck your fonts, indents, margins, paragraph spacing and line spacing. All these things count in a well-formatted assignment.

8. Add Proper Referencing

Writing an assignment is exhausting and extensive, so you must be vigilant in everything. Referencing is the proof of the information you have added. Therefore, adding proper referencing in the addiction psychology assignment is required. There are different citation styles: MLA, Chicago, Harvard and APA. 

So, keep this critical point in mind. Especially when writing assignments for addiction psychology students, you should reflect a clear topic stance with proper referencing. 

For example, if you use APA citation style, including the author’s last name and the publication year, as mentioned below:

  • Barrett, P. M., & Holmes, J. (2001). Attachment relationships as predictors of cognitive interpretation and response bias in late adolescence. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 10(1), 51–64.

9. Perform Proofreading and Editing

Many students neglect this stage, as it is the most important part of writing an addiction Psychology assignment. You need to perform slow revising and editing. If you are writing for 2 hours, take breaks for 15 minutes and return to the editing task. You can use different editing tools to make the sequence more effective. 

As an addiction Psychology assignment writer, it’s your responsibility to ensure grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. 

10. Check Plagiarism

After you have performed proofreading, the next stage is checking for plagiarism. Your assignment should be free of plagiarism and meet the generalised criteria given by your institute. 

Well, it is known that addiction psychology assignment writing involves extensive research. However, if the incorporation of information is not properly cited from authentic sources, then it will result in plagiarism. One more thing to consider at this stage is not to copy and paste the exact words from a source. 


Indeed, writing an addiction psychology assignment is a knotty process, but if you follow the above step-wise guide, it will let you achieve better grades. Being an addiction psychology student, you need to propose solutions through your assignments. Therefore, efficient planning, research methodology, new information use, and proper formatting are essential. This is why psychology is considered one of the most extensive and research-based subjects. 

Last but not least, we have discussed the writing process for your addiction psychology assignment in detail. But, if you still find writing an assignment problematic or time-consuming, you can seek assistance from an assignment writing service that promises to achieve top grades. In this regard, we suggest you contact The Academic Papers UK, they have experienced writers to produce well-formatted and plagiarism-free assignments. 


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