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10 Effective Ways for Making the Home Allergy-Proof

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Everyone keeps similar vision of home regardless of living alone or being with family! It is a heaven on earth where you feel like yourself at the end of the day. It is the place which lets you to enjoy and unwind after cacophony of hectic life and schedule. So it must be comfortable not dizzy and clumsy.

Even a small home can be kept clutter-free and organised. Infestation of pests, cockroaches, mildew and mould can pose a major health risk like allergies. Dust mites and bed bugs are some allergy-inducing pests too which will leave you sneezing and itching. So read on this handy guide to learn top 10 tips to a healthy and allergy-free home.

1. Lessen air pollution

Keeping breathable and clean air in the home is vital for healthy living. As most allergen is air-borne by having breathable air you can lessen the chance of having allergy! Besides this, you are promoting the environment and surrounding to be better to live! First dump the chemicals which you use regularly as home cleaners.

Air fresheners are loaded with allergic and toxic compounds. Instead try out making your own homemade cleaning solution using essential oil for the fresh aroma. Use air purifier or open the window regular for better air circulation of the air inside.

2. Don’t miss to clean the creeds and corners

Basically, we are living in hi-tech era and want to do every job in shortest span of time. Also many people are actually running out of time neglecting several things. Out-of-sight corners and creeds of the home are such spots. Also storage cabinets need to be cleaned regularly.

Check that the cabinets under the sink are not overloaded and piping system is pristine. Remember that damp and dark places are favourite breeding ground for mildew and mould and attractable to pests, rats and cockroaches.

3. Eliminate the mould

Bathrooms and bedrooms should be cleaned daily and well ventilated so it can’t become the favourite hotspot for mould to breed! In case mould has already started to seep in then use the right products to kill those pesky fungus. Or else they will spread throughout the home and you will fail to control them.

They also make the home vulnerable to illnesses. Ensure that counters, tiles and cabinets are dried completely. Whenever there is any broken tile replace it as early as you can to avoid the mould infestation.

4. Ditch those worn out curtains

Airborne allergens easily target the fabric drapes. The dust particles get trapped in it which is almost invisible to naked eye. Hence this is the right time to switch to a more conventional alternative. Install blinds as they can’t trap as much dirt as drapes do! Also they are easy to clean. Otherwise, you have to clean or machine wash the curtain drapes regularly to ensure an allergy-free home. It is always best to have clean, extra curtains drapes kept away so you can easily replace dirty ones that need cleaning or washing. You can buy curtain drapes or linens wholesale from CV Linens if you want to have spares.

5. Use air purifier of filter

You can get an air purifier of filter to protect your family from seasonal allergies. It purifies the internal air eliminating the airborne allergens efficiently. So there is no chance of depositing allergens on beddings, furniture and carpet. Alongside you should do the regular vacuuming as well for further protection against allergies.

6. Get a powerful vacuum cleaner

Invest in powerful and high-quality vacuum cleaner to keep the home allergy-free. If you choose the model equips with HEPA filter then it is going to serve you in best possible way. HEPA filter comes in fines mesh to trap the tiniest dirt from the surface.

7. Pay heed at the doorstep

The facade or entrance should be paid more attention than the rest of your home. Family members and visitors must put down the shoes there before entering inside. Otherwise they will scatter and spread the allergens throughout the home.

Keeping a doormat near the main door is helpful to prevent the pollution and mud from getting in. But make sure that you replace it too regularly as it collects loads of dirt every day!

8. Replace the old and matted carpet

Most people adorn the homes with luxury wall-to-wall carpet without keeping insight in the near future that it will collect humongous dirt over time. Irrespective of regular vacuuming still some amount will be there into the carpet piles triggering allergic reaction of the families. So, it is better to replace the home carpet some years.

There are so many options with modern touch to choose from for your home as your flooring alternative. During choosing make sure that you pick up a durable and easy-to-clean one while make you feel cosy and comfortable underfoot. In case you find it a bit expensive you must go for the cheap carpet cleaning in London to get rid of those allergens. 

9. Take your bedroom into account

Bedroom remains the top priority always. It is so; because most people spend most of the time there. Hence, you must chance the linen regularly while laundering it using hot water. You can purchase pillow protector and mattress cover too. Don’t let the pet gets inside your bedroom if you are allergic as they are going to be a key contributor!

10. Steer clear the cockroaches

Cockroaches are key source of never-ending allergies. They always leave droppings here and there which trigger the allergies more! Make sure that you empty the garbage bins regularly to dump that pesky crawling creature use pest killers and set cockroach trap. In case the problem persists, you must call the professional exterminator to get the job done for you ensuring that your home is pest-free and allergy-proof!

As carpet easily becomes the favourable breeding ground for pests, pet dander, dirt and pollen it must be well taken care of. For that vacuum it daily and opt for professional cleaning at regular time interval.



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