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What are the Features of Zeon Zoysia and Other Zoysia Types?

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In Atlanta, zoysia grass is warm-season grass. Zoysia is a popular choice for homeowners who desire a lush, deep green lawn that requires very little maintenance. If you want a lush, soft lawn where you can go barefoot and your children can run about and play, Zoysia is a terrific option. This thick grass grows well in warm weather and requires less maintenance than most other types. Several zoysia hybrids have been made to improve the performance and aesthetics, including Zeon Zoysia and others. Continue reading to learn about the different types of grass and how to choose the ideal one for your dream lawn.

Zeon Zoysia Features 

Many people consider Zeon to be the premium grade of Zoysia and the top grade of most grass varieties. Zeon has a robust, fine texture and a deep green hue similar to Fescue. Zeon, unlike Empire Zoysia, is more cold-resistant, turning brown slowly in the winter and greening quickly in the spring. Zeon is more disease-resistant and pest-resistant than other warm-season types. FIn comparison to other zoysias, the premium grass has exceptional shade tolerance, drought resilience, reduced thatch production, and increased traffic tolerance. Zeon is great for household lawns, commercial installations, and golf courses because of its high performance and rich green color.

Empire Zoysia 

Like other Zoysia variations, Empire Zoysia is a coarse-bladed type that makes a thick, dark green lawn that is pleasant to feel. Empire is one of the greatest Zoysia varieties for people searching for a premium-grade broad blade cultivar. Its deep roots sprout and spread quickly, allowing it to grow quicker and higher than Zeon. Empire Zoysia tolerates shade very well and is drought tolerant. Empire Zoysia is also resistant to a wide range of pests and weeds. It’s one of the most popular sod choices in Atlanta since it’s a soft, lovely grass resistant to pests and diseases.

Marvel Zoysia 

This exceptionally thick Zoysia thrives in sun and shade, establishing a wide range of soils. Marvel has fine blades in a brilliant green hue that retains its color late in the season. It is a fantastic choice for commercial and residential applications requiring little mowing and fertilizer.

Emerald Zoysia 

Emerald Zoysia is great for show-piece lawns where looks and first impressions are important. This grass is ideal for all sod and turfgrass demands in high-traffic areas in warm climates. When placed, the Emerald Zoysia has a thick appearance that gives it a carpet-like effect. It can readily adapt to any environment in both winter and summer, but extremely bad weather may damage it and take a long time to recover from. It can grow well even if it just gets 3-4 hours of sunshine every day. 

Meyer Zoysia 

Meyer zoysia has a darker green hue and a somewhat broader blade than other zoysias. Meyer spreads densely to offer thick grass with strong traffic and cold tolerance. Meyer Zoysia is a type of grass that can withstand both winter and summer seasons. It makes a beautiful dark green front lawn and backyard. The grass in the front yard receives a lot of sunshine. Because of the humid and hot temperature in the summer, the quality of its durability makes it particularly popular in Atlanta. Because of the humid and hot temperatures in the summer, its hardiness makes it highly popular in the Atlanta area. It also can resist weeds by not allowing them to grow since there isn’t enough space for them, and it has the stamina to resist pests and diseases.

Choose the Best Sod for Your Lawn 

Choosing the best one among all the best options is difficult. It can be a tough decision for homeowners, but the companies like Atlanta Sod Farms are here to make this easier for you by providing excellent services and products. So, now you don’t need to go anywhere else; contact Atlanta Sod Farms and get your assistance. And get the best Zoysia sod such as Zeon zoysia, Meyer zoysia, Empire Zoysia, Marvel Zoysia, and Emerald Zoysia for your dream lawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

At what temperature does Zeon zoysia go dormant?

Zoysia, like deciduous trees, remains dormant after the first deadly frost and loses its green hue until the ground temperature reaches around 50°F in the spring. It is a natural and healthy procedure.

What does fungus look like on Zoysia grass?

The fungus looks like small brown rings that expand in size. The damaged grass area will seem hollow or dead, with a yellowish-orange halo around the diameter. The disease damages the leaf sheath and top of the plant, robbing it of water and nutrients.

What length should you cut zoysia grass?

You won’t have to mow as frequently because Zoysia doesn’t grow as tall as other grasses. Mow a healthy zoysia grass to a height of 1 1/2″ to 3″. “Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf height” is a bit of good advice while mowing any lawn.


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