Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Why is Bitcoin ATM Installation on the Rise in 2022?

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The technological world is moving faster, bringing several new terms into the limelight. Amongst all, cryptocurrency has created a buzz around the world. The digital currency with no physical existence is a wise investment for businesses and rising entrepreneurs to get started. Even the commoner is investing and using the currency. As a result, several kinds of cryptocurrencies came into the limelight, increasing the need to buy bitcoin in California and be a trader. This is where the use of ATM-like Bitcoin ATMs came into the picture.  

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency to exchange, which is needed for a bitcoin ATM. According to market forecasts, the Bitcoin ATM market will be valued at $542.52 million by 2027. This depicts the rise of bitcoin ATMs in the coming year. However, as we enter 2022, and if you are planning to enter a lucrative crypto market, knowing bitcoin’s current dynamics is important. Keep reading the blog to know the reasons, benefits, and rise of bitcoin ATM installation in 2022. 

Current Market Figures Stating Rise of Bitcoin ATM Installation in 2022 

● According to the most recent statistics from Coin ATM Radar, a data-gathering website for crypto ATMs, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased dramatically, nearly doubling in less than a year. This made people confirm their minds and buy bitcoin in California.

● Over 80 countries now have Bitcoin ATMs, and the number is projected to grow as fiat-based cryptocurrency trade becomes more widespread. These factors point to a highly healthy growth trajectory for the worldwide Bitcoin ATM industry, which is expected to exceed USD 2.5 billion by 2026, rising at a CAGR of 52%. 

● The global crypto ATM market is estimated to be worth USD 1.88 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 59.2 percent between 2022 and 2028. 

● According to Coin ATM Radar, crypto ATMs may be located in 75 different nations, with over 21,000 in the United States.

● More than 600 different companies run ATMs, with Bitcoin Depot leading the pack with a 15.8 percent market share.  

Reasons Boosting the Rise of Bitcoin ATM Installation in 2022 

●    Privacy at Peak

When you transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another, the transaction is recorded for all to see. However, because there is no relationship between your wallet and your identity, all transactions are completely private. So, you can buy bitcoin in San Leandro without any worry. 

●    Secure and Safe

Another advantage of using Bitcoin ATMs is that they are extremely safe. While internet exchanges are frequently hacked, and scams abound, physical Bitcoin ATMs are virtually tamper-proof. For starters, they are operated by local businesses and individuals. There is no third party engaged in the transactions; you and the machine are the only ones. 

●    Quick and Robust

Bitcoin ATMs provide an instant option to buy or trade cryptocurrency. Although transactions on online exchanges are quick, enrollment can be time-consuming. You can complete your transaction in a matter of minutes and purchase Bitcoin practically quickly without having to go through extensive verification procedures. 

Over To You!

Bitcoin ATMs have become the need of the hour in today’s world as users buy Bitcoin in San Leandro and other parts of the world. Hope the article has made you understand the rise of bitcoin ATMs in 2022 and beyond. For more details about the bitcoin ATM, connect to Coin Time ATM. They are amongst the leading bitcoin ATM providers. Visit their website for more details!


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