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Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren? Eren Death

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Why did Mikasa kill Eren? Mikasa doesn’t kill Eren technically, she kills the Dark personality Eren who believed eradicating marley from the world is the only chance for survival. So she kills Eren as it was the only hope of for Humanity’s survival.

Mikasa is a character in Attack on Titan, and like many other characters in the series, her backstory is shrouded in mystery. We know that Mikasa was raised by her adoptive brother Eren, after their mother died.

When the Titans invaded their town, Mikasa fought alongside her brother to protect it. She was eventually able to kill the Titan that killed their mother – an act that drove Eren into a frenzy of rage and led to his transformation into a Titan himself.

Why Did Mikasa End Up killing Eren? 

Why did Mikasa kill Eren? The events that lead up to Mikasa killing Eren are a mystery. Some theorize that she may have been provoked; others say she was defending her brother. What is known is that Mikasa was overcome with rage and killed Eren in cold blood.

The motive behind Mikasa’s actions

Mikasa has always been a fierce and loyal protector of her comrades, even going so far as to kill in the Name of justice. So, what could have possibly motivated her to brutally slaughter her friends and comrades during the Battle of Shiganshina?

Some theories suggest that a need for revenge may have driven Mikasa after witnessing Eren’s horrific transformation into a Titan.

Others believe that she may have been acting out of pure rage, thinking that Eren was responsible for all the deaths of her friends. However, the most likely explanation is that Mikasa killed Eren because she believed he was the only hope for humanity’s survival.

Mikasa believed that by killing Eren, she could prevent him from turning into a Titan and destroying the monstrous creatures. In doing so, she fulfilled her duty as a soldier and protected humanity from extinction.


Why did Mikasa Kill Eren? Mikasa kill’s Eren, her brother for the sake of humanity. Mikasa killing eren was a shock for everyone, also it was somehow meant to be from her hands from the start of season 4 part 2. Let’s see what happens in part 3.

How did Mikasa realize that she needed to kill Eren?

Mikasa’s decision to kill Eren wasn’t an easy one. She had to decide between saving her brother and destroying him, and she was unsure which option was better. Ultimately, she decided that it was better for Eren to die than to turn into a Titan and destroy everything.

Mikasa’s decision to kill Eren was based on her belief that it was the only way to protect her brother and the rest of humanity. She knew that if Eren became a Titan, he would be unstoppable and could destroy everything. Killing Eren was the only way to prevent that from happening.

Did anyone else know about what was happening?

Mikasa had been keeping her own counsel since Eren’s transformation, but when she found out about the experiments being conducted on him, she couldn’t stand by and watch any longer.

It was clear that Eren was in pain and that they were doing nothing to help him. So she took matters into her own hands and killed all the researchers involved.

What are the possible consequences of Mikasa’s actions?

Mikasa’s actions have several possible consequences, but the most pressing concern may be her safety. If Mikasa is apprehended by the military and charged with murder, she could face prison time or even execution.

It’s also possible that her martial skills would come in handy in a fight against the Titans, and she might become a legendary figure within the community. However, Mikasa’s most significant concern may be her emotional well-being. If Eren were to die due to her actions, it would likely destroy her emotionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the article why did Mikasa Kill Eren:

1. Why did Eren go against Mikasa?

After the attack on Trost, Eren went to try and find his mother. When he finally found her, she was being restrained by the military. Mikasa told him to run, and Eren didn’t listen. He tried to free his mother, even though it put him in danger. In the end, he was captured and imprisoned.

There are several reasons why Eren went against Mikasa and attacked her in Episode 18.

First Reason

One reason could be that he was acting out of anger and frustration after watching his friends die, most notably Armin.

Second Reason

Another reason could be that he was influenced by the mind-controlling Titan, who may have been trying to get him to attack Mikasa to draw out the other Titans so they could consume him.

However, another possible explanation is that Eren may have felt romantic attraction towards Mikasa and wanted to hurt her because she had rejected him previously.

2. Did Mikasa kills Eren?

When we first saw Mikasa fighting for her Life against Eren, we knew he could be a formidable opponent. But what if we knew that she had killed him? It’s a question that many are still debating, and there is no clear answer.

Some suggest that Mikasa couldn’t help but kill Eren after he killed her friends, while others think she did it out of revenge.

In the end, it’s up for interpretation. However, one thing is for sure: Mikasa has always been a complex character, and her actions in this story will continue to leave viewers questioning her motives.

3. What did Mikasa do to Eren?

Mikasa killed Eren because she believed he was a threat to her and the other members of her squad. She thought he could not be trusted and would only end up hurting them all.

4. Who kills Eren Jaeger?

When Mikasa first meets Eren, she is immediately drawn to him. She is fiercely protective of him and does everything she can to keep him safe. However, after witnessing the death of her best friend and fellow soldier Armin at the hands of the Titans, Mikasa snaps. She decides it is better for Eren to die than to let the Titans hurt him.

Mikasa carefully calculates her moves before killing Eren. She knows that if she is caught, she will be executed as a traitor. She also knows that Eren will never forgive her for what she has done.

5. Why did Eren betray?

Eren was betrayed by Mikasa when she tricked him into handing over his grenade launcher. She knew that if he had the weapon, he would be a valuable asset to the enemy and could potentially kill many people. By betraying Eren, Mikasa ensured that he would not be able to help save humanity and instead would become a tool of destruction.


Why did Mikasa Kill Eren? In the end, Mikasa killed Eren simply because he was a threat to her. She saw him as a rival and someone who could surpass her in strength one day, and she didn’t want that to happen. Killing Eren was the only way to ensure that he would never be able to hurt anyone else again.

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