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Why christina el moussa instagram is followed by so much fans?

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Christina El Moussa was born on 8th July 1983 in California. She has one sister Carly Haack. She studied in Southern California from high school and college. Christina El Moussa had a separation from her husband after seven years of marriage. Christina El Moussa has two children and she is so famous on her HGTV show Flip or Flop.  

She  soon after getting divorced from her husband started dating Ant. Anstead who is a famous British TV presenter. He was also married before dating Christina El Moussa. Christina and Anstead got married in 2018 and they have a son named Hudson.  

Christina is one of the most known celebrities of all time and the reason behind this is that she has been a part of many people’s home décor fantasies due to her famous flip or flop series. She is loved on Instagram and there are several reasons for which she has a wide range of followers on Instagram 

  1. Fitness expert

Christina El Moussa isn’t a trick pony. She is famous among the people as a real estate agent and an interior designer in her famous flip or flop show but she is also an expert in several money producing areas.  

She is also much famous for her fitness routine. Even in her pregnancy, Christina had worked so much for fitness. She collaborated with a nutritionist and made a prenatal yoga content.  

Her yoga videos went viral on Instagram and there were so many IG likes and comments,she has an intense love for fitness and this love; she has a sanctuary at her gym in her home. She walks, runs and spends more time on fitness activities which her followers love the most about her.  

  1. Her eating routine

Christina eats healthy and she never forgets to share her healthy eating routine photos. She loves her fitness and she takes much care of her eating habits. Whenever she is asked about her diet plan, she says that she isn’t following any diet plan. She just eats what she feels is healthy for her. Eating healthy is a part of her lifestyle and she always shares it with her followers. According to some of the blog posts, she takes coffee and stevia, eats oats, has an oatmeal bar, consumes more veggies and grains and intakes more protein.  

  1. Her struggle with fertility

Christina and Anstead soon after one year of marriage had their first daughter Taylor Resse and they decided to have a second baby thinking that this would be no sweat. When they were planning their second baby, Christina’s ex-husband got diagnosed with stage II thyroid cancer and he had to undergo radiation therapy. For this purpose, the couple decided to have vitro fertilization but unlucky the first attempt failed and the second fell in miscarriage. The couple changed so many doctors and Christina kept on sharing her troubles with her followers. She said that she had to become strict and had to spend her complete week lying in bed. She had a 13-week rest and she had trouble lifting heavy weights and all this led her to have difficulties in pregnancy. In the meantime, she also had back surgery due to a golf-injury. She had her baby girl in summer 2015. 

  1. Her love for suspense novels

Her love for suspense novels made her much more loved for her novel lovers’ followers. Christina El Moussa is known for her busy routine and people used to think that she doesn’t get time for doing simple easy things in her life. She shared with her followers that she loves being an avid novels reader. She keeps on sharing the novels she loves on her Instagram profile. Some of her summer reading novels include famous thrills, luckiest girl alive, girl on the train, and kind worth killing, etc. She loves to buy hardcover books.  

The best thing which followers love about Christina El Moussa is that she shares fair and tiny details about her. She loves her fans and in return she gets love and engagement from them. For all these reasons, Christina has a large number of Instagram followers.  


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