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What Is the Best Power Strip You Can Buy? 

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 Since the wireless handheld devices that require low voltages have grown in number, it has increased the value and demand for power strips and surge protection now more than ever. It is that crazy demand that has invited a lot of counterfeit products or the ones that easily wear out. The low-quality power strips will shorten their lifespan with every voltage fluctuation absorbed. Therefore, you should try replacing them in two to three years to get the most protection from them. It is always safe to use power strips to protect against power surges.  

Power surges could occur because of several reasons. Consider the possibility of lightning strikes, which can suddenly get into electrical wires, causing power spikes to millions of voltages. Another potential cause of power surges is the sudden surges of power occurring when you start up compressors, air conditioners, and electric ranges. However, their need will quickly drop once they run, leading to surges throughout the house’s wiring. 

You should always look for the best power strips to protect your home’s electrical appliances. This article takes you through some of the best power strips you can opt for in your endeavor to control the effect of power surges. 

C13 Coupler 


An IEC cord has a suitable power plug on one end and a 20 amp power strip or c13 plug on the other. The IEC cords power many pieces of electronic equipment, including instrument amplifiers, computers, and professional audio equipment.  

Belkin 12-Outlet 

It is good to go through its specifications to start with this one. Some of the main features of this type include; USB ports: 0, Outlets: 12, Power switch: Yes, Plug:90 degrees, Surge Protection: 3,940 joules, Cord length: 8 ft, circuit breaker: 15-amp, Ground fault detection: Yes. 

With Belkin, you can easily connect up to 12 outlets which can be anything between fax/phone/DSL lines, coaxial TV cables, cable modems, ethernet, and power cords for different kinds of equipment. This product possesses huge surge protection of 3,940, shielding from any spikes and surges that could occur. It contains a slim design which can fit under desks and behind the furniture. What else are you waiting for? Take advantage of a $100,000 connected equipment warranty provided by Belkin. 

Bestek 8-Outlet 


This type possesses the following specifications; four USB ports, eight outlets, a power switch, 600 joules of surge protection, a 15-amp circuit breaker, ground fault detection, ninety degrees plug, and a cord length that is 6 feet. This type of power strip is good and ideal as an under-desk and accessible power solution.  

Moreso, eight outlets are more than enough for a work-station desk that is fully outfitted. With this kind of power strip, two of the outlets are set apart to accommodate devices bearing larger plugs. On the other hand, six outlets are more tightly spaced, enabling you to use all of them with standard plug ranges. It contains four smart USB ports that ensure that each device is charged at a rate and voltage suited best for it. With a 15-amp circuit breaker, you can even plug in an 8000-BTU window air conditioner without experiencing any issues. 

Tessan Flat Plug Extension Cord 


The specifications for this kind include; three USB ports, four outlets, ninety degrees plug, the presence of a power switch, a five feet cord length, a 3,940 joules of surge protection, and a 10-amp circuit breaker. This type is an AC compact option for a situation where you only require some extra outlets. Its shape and size make it relatively easy to fold and pack during traveling. You can easily carry it around in your laptop bag as you work off-site.  

Four standard outlets that are well spaced quite far apart will mean it will be easy for you to accommodate the devices having large plugs without worrying about overlaps. Additionally, three standard USB ports will also be adequate to satisfy your charging needs and make it suitable to act as a table charging station. This Tessan flat can also be hung above a desk, on a wall, or even on a nightstand if space is limited. 

APC V11PT3 SurgeArrest 

The specification for this type is; eleven outlets, no USB ports, a power switch, 3,020 joules of surge protection, a 15-amp circuit breaker, a presence of ground fault detection, a cord length of 8 ft long, and 180 degrees plug. Another enticing thing about APC is its $100,000 equipment protection policy.  

However, you can be guaranteed multiple protection layers guarding against power surges from your home devices like electrical outlets, coaxial tv cables, or telephone/DSL lines. They also contain LEDs indicating protection status and building wiring faults. Six outlets are nice places for the accommodation of big power adaptors. 

Anker PowerPort Cube

The specification of this power strip includes; three USB ports, three outlets, a standard plug, no power switch, a 5 ft cord length, no surge protection, and a 15-amp circuit breaker. Its tiny size will always take the least space, being always close for plugging and unplugging. 

Final Thoughts

The choice of your power strip matters a lot when it comes to managing power outlets and use. You will need to consider the following specifications with some examples of quality power strips while selecting your power strip—the number of outlets, configuration and length, equipment type, surge protection, and extra safety. 


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