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What is customer satisfaction and why is it important?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Customer can be defined as the person or the party who provides a business with money in exchange for any type or kind of goods or services. In business, the customer is the king and backbone of any given industry (Susan Turner). The customer or the consumer has the power of lifting any business’s worth to billions of dollars or bring it down to a point where its owners are forced to file for bankruptcy. In any way, the customer is always at the top of the mountain and every business revolves around him or her.

It is common sense that if any business owner has to boom his or her business, he or she needs to make the customer happy. If the customer is happy with the product or the service that is provided by the respective business, then and only then will he or she be returning for making additional purchases (LIZ WANLESS).

Priority of Customer:

In the language of business making customers happy is known as customer satisfaction, and the maximization of consumer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of every owner who wants to continue making a profit for a long time.

Companies go to all heights and break all barriers to make the customer happy. The best way to achieve maximum customer satisfaction is to provide the best quality product or service at the most affordable rate (Mark A. Langley). In those ways, the buying power of the consumer will increase and at the same time the product will also live up to the expectations. Another great way of maximizing customer satisfaction is to provide exceptional customer service. Hiring professionals for dealing with the consumer is key to profit maximization via consumer satisfaction (Virginia Tech). If a company is making an outstanding product but its representative is not aware of how to talk to people or how to explain the product or service, the respective company is bound to fall at some point in the future (SHRM). That is why companies spend millions of dollars every year only on the training program for their employees so that they would know how to talk to the customer, how to answer the questions and how to deal with any kind of anomaly that may arise and pose a threat to the maximum customer satisfaction. \


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