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What Are 5 Ways You Can Make Money From Amazon at Home

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Amazon is by far the most popular e-commerce website in the United States. It is a struggle to find an item that Amazon does not sell, and most of these items are sold at prices much lower than they are at brick-and-mortar retail stores. Add to that the deals that Amazon Prime members receive, including item discounts, free shipping, and rewards, and it is no wonder Amazon remains the top website for online shopping. 

However, Amazon is not the only thing that makes a profit from its online sales, as just about anyone can make money on Amazon with a little knowledge and drive. In fact, instead of paying Amazon to shop online, you can make money with Amazon right from the comfort of your own home. Below are 5 excellent ways to make that happen. 

Be a Third-Party Seller

One of the most popular ways to make money on Amazon is by becoming a third-party seller. This option is best for people who plan to sell items regularly and want to focus on turning them into a full-time business. Amazon seller accounts have a monthly subscription that costs around $39.99, so be sure to factor that in when deciding which avenue to take. 

Many people who become third-party sellers on Amazon will scour thrift stores and big-box retailers for discounted items that they can then relist online. Keep in mind that the greater number of items a third-party seller lists, the higher the earning potential is. Big sellers should consider using the Fulfillment by Amazon service, or FBA service, which lets sellers use Amazon’s warehouse space and shipping services to sell items for a fee. 

Sell From Home

Amazon even has opportunities for more casual sellers to make a profit on things they have just around their homes. Rather than hosting a tag sale to try to sell items like books, shoes, and electronics that are lying around the house, these items can be sold on Amazon. The seller may even get a higher price and sell it faster on Amazon, as the product will be seen by a much larger audience. 

Be an Amazon Affiliate

For those who would rather not delve into the world of retail sales, becoming an Amazon Affiliate is a viable way to make money with Amazon. This option is ideal for people who run a blog, own a website, or moderate a forum or group with a large enough audience. Amazon will pay these individuals to promote its sponsored products through its Amazon Associates program. 

Join the Amazon Handmade Market

Most people are familiar with the handmade e-commerce website called Etsy, where makers of a wide variety of handmade items sell their wares. However, Etsy is not the only place for this, as Amazon Handmade Market also offers a similar service. Unlike an Amazon seller’s account, Amazon Handmade waives the monthly subscription fee and only charges a 15% referral fee on the total price of the sale. 

This option is excellent for creative makers who want access to the extensive Amazon customer base when listing their items online. Unlike other handmade markets, Amazon gives makers a custom URL so it is easier for their customers to find specific shops.

Publishing on Kindle

One of the most challenging parts of being a professional writer is getting work published. Fortunately, Amazon makes it easier for writers to get their work published through Kindle Direct Publishing. Writers will receive 70% of royalties on the overall sale of their works on this platform, but they are not limited to digital publications. Writers can also have hard copies of their works printed and sold, and some writers have made millions self-publishing their work this way. 

Make Money on Amazon Today

Over the last few years, the number of people looking to make money from home has increased exponentially. Whether you want a full-time gig or just a side hustle, Amazon offers a wide variety of interesting and exciting ways to make that happen. Try one of the options above and start making money on Amazon now. 

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