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What Age Is Considered Elderly? Let’s Find Out!

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Growing old—we know it’s inevitable. But as you near retirement age, you might start thinking about the next stage in life—becoming a senior citizen.

What age is considered elderly, and how do you know if you’re elderly? It’s something many adults struggle with, especially in their 60s and 70s.

If you’re interested in aging, keep reading to learn exactly what it is and isn’t considered a senior—plus, why it matters!

Am I a Senior Citizen?

It’s not always easy to know if you qualify as a senior or not! According to the government, retirees can start claiming their Social Security benefits from the age of 62.

Does that mean you’re a senior at 62? Not necessarily—while the government has set that age for access to pensions, you might still feel incredibly active, young, and healthy at 62!

The truth is, there is no magical birthday where you’ll go from an adult to a senior citizen. Different people define themselves in different ways, so remember that age is just a number.

As long as you look after your health, wellbeing, and finances, it doesn’t really matter whether you consider yourself to be old, elderly, retired, or a senior!

Why Does it Matter If I’m Elderly?

Ok, so if I’m a senior citizen, what difference does it make?

As mentioned above, one big reason is your finances. After a certain age, you can start accessing your Social Security and retirement plans, letting you receive your money for retirement.

As you get older, it’s also important to know that your risk may increase for certain health conditions. For example, older people have a higher risk for bowel cancer, dementia, and prostate cancer.

Don’t worry though—as long as you visit your family doctor on a regular basis, your health will be in good hands.

How Does Life Change When You Become Elderly?

As you age, you may notice some changes to how you live. For one, you may find that it’s harder to keep up the house, cook each night, and live on your own.

In that case, independent senior living is a good option. It gives you the freedom to live on your own, but with support when you need it.

Seniors might also find they have different interests, hobbies, or values in life. This is totally normal, as everyone changes throughout each stage of life.

So, What Age Is Considered Elderly?

The big question—what age is considered elderly? The truth is, there’s no one answer for this!

Some people may feel elderly in their 60s, some in their 70s, and some in their 80s! It all depends on your health and your mindset.

Whether you feel elderly or not, the key to enjoying your retirement is to stay healthy, happy, and safe—your grandkids and loved ones want to spend as much time with you as they can!

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