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Uniquely Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Friends

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Since the pandemic, people have resorted to communicating mainly through online platforms and messaging. Online games and zoom calls replaced the usual hangouts. However, as health protocols have changed and restrictions have loosened, people are slowly adjusting to the way things were before. After a long while, you’re finally going to hang out with your best buds!

There are probably many things that you wished you could do when you were stuck at home – attend music festivals, watch films, eat dinner outside together, and so much more. Besides these, perhaps you’ve wanted to do other things but have run out of ideas. So, to keep the fun going, here is a list of some activities you can do when you and your friends hang out.

Go on a street food trip

Dining in a fancy restaurant or buffet can be a heavenly and delightful experience, but have you considered walking around and experiencing a lot of different types of food with your friends? There’s a certain appeal to trying out different flavors from street food stalls and trucks while spending just enough money and getting to hang out with your friends. 

You can discover different types of cuisines by not having to stick to one menu and find out more about each other’s food tastes and preferences. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to just walk around the city and enjoy the view when you’re in good company. 

Play pranks on each other

Another activity you can do is plan out and execute pranks on your friends. This is especially fun if you know they love a good slice of harmless practical jokes. You can go for a classic prank call and dial their number from a different phone, or you can do simple pranks like sending a gif of the “typing dots” in your messaging app. If you both want to switch it up and have a little competition, you can even look for prank war ideas. The best prankster can win a prize based on what you and your friend have discussed. So you can enjoy a good laugh with your friend while feeling the pride of winning.

Watch a random live show

Discovering something new can feel rewarding and enjoyable even when you do it alone. But this can be equally gratifying while being more entertaining when you find a new interest with people that mean a lot to you. 

An activity that you and your friends can enjoy is watching a local show that you haven’t considered seeing before. Perhaps an independent artist has a gig in one of the bars you’ve never been to, or there’s a show at the local theater with a premise that you don’t know much about. By going to a random show, you and your friends might discover something new in common (maybe the local band might get a few new fans!). If you didn’t particularly enjoy or take a liking to what you’ve watched, then it’s still a fresh and funny memory that you can keep within your friendship circle. 

Create customized objects

This one’s perfect if you and your friends love crafting particularly, but it could be entertaining even if you’re not. You can bond over customizing objects you have in your homes, whether these are old objects that could use some refreshing design or a new thing that you’d want to redecorate to make more personal to you. For example, you can repaint an old shoe whose design has faded over the years. You can also create a decorated case for your Switch. You and your friends can also create custom drawstring bags that you can use around the next time you go outside. There are endless possibilities of things you can customize, and you’ll undoubtedly have a fun time doing these with your friends. 

Visit an indoor park

Physical activities can be tiring but are also a whole lot of fun! For example, you and your friends can visit a trampoline park and jump around on different types of trampolines to your heart’s content (or until you all get exhausted). You can also do indoor wall climbing, which may seem intimidating at first for some but can be highly entertaining, especially if you’ve got friends cheering you on. Whatever theme or concept an indoor park has, you’re sure to have a fun and exciting time with your friends if you choose to go to one. 

Attend a class together 

Why not turn skill-building into a little get-together? You can find an interest that you and your friend have in common and find a skill class that you can take together. Ever thought of baking your own cake? Go to a baking class and learn. Curious about different kinds of wine, and what exactly makes it seem so intriguing besides its taste? Find a wine class or go to a wine tasting. There are different kinds of courses that you can sign up for, some of which you can attend for just one day and others that span for a couple of weeks or months. It’s all up to you!

Go barhopping

If you’re of legal age, have a fun night out with your friends by going to not just one bar but two, three, or maybe even more. Drinking (responsibly) and conversing with friends are heaps of fun on their own, but going through different bars and trying out various kinds of drinks can be even better. What’s cool about going to multiple bars is that you get to check out the aspects that make each bar unique. You can visit a quiet place while having a chill conversation by the bar counter while sipping on a glass of whiskey, and you can hop off to a bar blasting with music and people dancing along on an unofficial dance space.

Going with your friends will make this a memorable experience. Remember, however, to drink responsibly, and make good decisions!

Have a cooking competition 

If you’ve watched a cooking show and had the random urge to want to participate in the same show, then why not have a small cooking competition with your friends? You’ve seen some YouTubers do it for their content; it looks like a lot of fun, right? Set some ground rules about the competition, like what ingredients you’re limited to use, how much time you have, what cuisine or dish you’re supposed to make, specifically, and who you invite to judge your dishes. Let your inner chef out and cook to the best of your abilities as you battle it out with your friend. Just remember to practice safety precautions when using kitchen utensils and appliances!

Have the time of your life with your close friends while doing these fun activities. They might not always be the kinds of things you’d get yourself into, but trying something a bit different every once in a while can keep you and your friends in high spirits. Have fun


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