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Tutubox – an app store alternative for iOS

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Tutubox for getting tweaked apps for iOS

Tutubox is a pristine app store for iOS that helping to iOS users to get apps to their devices. But what is the special fact that another iOS app store gives we already have an official App store in our iPhones and iPads.

If you are confused with the above statement, let me simplify that, Tutubox iOS is an app store that permits to get tweaked apps, jailbreak tools, emulators, and mod applications for iOS. Even the Tutubox is having a fewer amount of revokes.

On the other hand, the Tutubox app runs without a jailbroken environment on iOS. So users will not require to jailbreak their device which is safe for iOS and the devices.

The most interesting part of Tutubox is, it works with iOS 13 and above versions like iOS 14 and the latest iOS 15 versions.

tutubox ios

What advantages you can get with Tutubox iOS when compared to other alternatives

As I mentioned above the Tutubox does not demand jailbreak tools or jailbreaking methods. Tutubox runs without jailbreaking iOS while some App Store alternatives run on jailbreak environments. This is the significant advantage of Tutubox.

On the other hand, the Tutubox is free to install on any iOS device that runs iOS 13 or above. You do not need to pay for the Tutubox service like other iOS app store alternatives.

Tutubox is an efficient and fast app that needs fewer facilities to run. Even the Tutubox app need less storage space including the app library.

Here are the main features of Tutubox that you need to know

Tutubox permits to install apps and games without asking for any type of permission. This helps install apps that are not allowed to be downloaded from App Store.

If you are seeking to add customized themes for your iOS device, Tutubox will help to do that. All you need to do is to select a preferred theme and click on it to install.

Jailbreak tools are available on Tutubox to install. It’s free to use jailbreak tools with this app, but you need to make sure to use trusted jailbreaking tools on your device.

Tutubox provides emulators for users who need to play classic games on iOS like PlayStation games, Nintendo, Game Boy, and many more. Apple does not allow for installing emulators on iOS. But the Tutubox app creates an environment in iOS that helps to install emulators on iOS

So that without changing any hardware of devices, users are able to run the above games on iOS with Tutubox emulators.

Tutubox is available for get tweaked apps

There are apps and games which are generally called tweaked apps. Those apps and games are modified to enhance performance. But the Apple does not allow to download of that kind of apps except the original version. As an example, Apple users are not able to download an enhanced version of WhatsApp to their iOS device. But if you are using this Tutubox application library, it allows you to get more than one tweak for the above application. That’s why this app library is special for download tweaks apps.

The user-friendly interface of Tutubox helps to navigate, find, install and effortlessly uninstall apps and games.

This app gives regular updates for its users including apps and games updates.

How to install Tutubox on iPhone and iPad?

As I mentioned above, the Tutubox app is free to download, and also it allows to install of jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

  1. First, you need to go to the WiFi setting on your iOS device and then go to configure proxy and type this URL ( on the automatic URL field and save.
  2. Then you need to disconnect your WiFi for about 30 seconds.
  3. Now reconnect your WiFi and clear your browser cache. Make sure to use the Safari browser.
  4. Then download Tutubox’s latest version to your device and allow the device to install it.
  5. When the installation process is done, an icon will be placed on your screen.
  6. To trust the Enterprise App Certificate, go to General Settings > device management and click to trust it.
  7. Now you are good to open the Tutubox app, just click on the Tutubox icon on your home screen to open it.  

People also ask for

Is Tutubox safe to use?

Yes, absolutely, the Tutubox is safe to use on any iOS device as thousands of users are using this app even at this time without having any security issues.

Will Tutubox slow my iPhone?

No, Tutubox is a lightweight application that needs less storage space and processing speed. So it does not make slower performance on your devices.

Can I install Tutubox on iOS 14?

Yes, the Tutubox is compatible with iOS 14 and it can install in any iOS version that is above iOS 13.

How to download Tutubox for iPad?

You can use the same process that we discussed above to install Tutubox on iPad.

Is Tutubox available for Android?

Unfortunately, the Tutubox Android version does not exist to download. But the developers might be developing the Tutubox Android version, so keep in touch with us to know when Tutubox Android releases.

My Tutubox app not opening, what should I do?

It might be an issue with the developer certificate, in this kind of situation just contact the Tutubox team and request a new developer certificate.


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