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Top 3 LinkedIn Marketing Tips From Social Media Managers

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Are you getting the most from LinkedIn?

The platform has millions of company pages and buymalaysianfollowers individual members.

This space is not just for recruiting purposes.

LinkedIn provides a wide range of marketing opportunities that can help you establish your brand as an authority, increase visibility and drive sales.

Three social media managers with high engagement levels shared their top LinkedIn tips.

LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices From the Experts

LinkedIn is a top social media channel to grow a business with 57 million members.

This means that it is crucial to incorporate a LinkedIn marketing strategy into the brand’s structure.

Don’t take our word for this. We asked three social media managers, who have seen great success on LinkedIn, to share their top LinkedIn tips.

  1. Wealthsimple, Meghan Sharp
  2. Later, Christine Colling
  3. AfterShip, Kia Fung

Are you ready to take your LinkedIn strategy up a notch? Get started with Later to plan and schedule your Linkedin posts ahead of time

LinkedIn Tip #1: Wealthsimple Authentic Storytelling Drives Engagement

Wealthsimple is enjoying a great year! ICYMI, the brand that just raised the largest private tech investment in Canadian history, is celebrating its major milestone.

LinkedIn is all about building engagement through brand-led content and advertising campaigns.

“Our content strategy on LinkedIn is all about humanizing wealth and breaking down taboos

through really authentic, raw stories,” says Meghan Sharp, Wealthsimple’s Social Leader.

You can take a look at their LinkedIn page to see timely and relevant pieces from the brand,

editorial features and tons of other evergreen topics that will help educate readers.

Meghan explains that the content that works best for Wealthsimple is about giving people a glimpse

behind the curtain at Wealthsimple – whether that’s a spotlight

of individual Wealthsimplers or deep dives into employee resource groups or exciting partnerships.

Meghan believes authenticity is the key to driving clicks to the platform.

Wealthsimple’s core brand value is authenticity.

We have a brand voice that is irreverent and funny, and that spirit is carried over to our LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn Tip #2 – Grow Your Audience through Consistency Starting Later

Christine Colling, Social Media Manager at Later, has a simple strategy

for LinkedIn: Share updates regularly and remain active on the platform.

“Unlike other social media channels, where we promote only our blog content,

LinkedIn has been a great way to keep our community informed on all things Later: company updates, industry news and job postings.

Christine says consistency is the best way to grow your LinkedIn network.

Your audience will see you as an educator and leader in your industry if you post to LinkedIn regularly.

However, consistency can have the drawback of taking too much time to post content.

There are however ways to make LinkedIn posting easier and more efficient.

“Later’s LinkedIn Scheduling Tool allows us to plan and

schedule all of our multi-media posts within one productive hour.

This means we can batch prepare our content and then sit back

and watch our LinkedIn community grow. Christine shares that it is 100% free to use.

LinkedIn Tip #3: AfterShip’s Thought Leadership can help you build brand awareness

AfterShip’s number one priority on LinkedIn is to hire great people. However, Kia Fung,

the North American Brand Manager for AfterShip, shares that their goal is to “create a

LinkedIn community of AfterShip customers interested in our brand and products through thought-leadership.”

AfterShip’s LinkedIn content shows that you don’t need to just use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes.

This is possible by adding interesting and relevant content to your business.

“You can build brand awareness quickly if you create meaningful content and engage with your community.”

Kia encourages brands and organizations to try new ways of presenting

relevant information in order to facilitate dialogue and increase customer engagement.

These expert LinkedIn tips and the right content strategy 

can help you to build brand recognition, better understand your audience and increase engagement.

Profit from this business-oriented network to convert your visitors into followers, followers, and leads.


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