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Top 10 Platforms to Hire Best Freelance Developers for Your Software Development Projects

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For the success of any web or software development project, it is necessary that you get your job from skilled and experienced developers. One of the options to get the best results is to hire freelance developers according to your project requirements and budget.

Freelancing and outsourcing IT resources is now a worldwide trend, and you may find the world’s best tech talent in that way. But the question is, where to find such remarkable talent? Looking for skilled freelance developers can be a cumbersome task, especially when you don’t know where to find them!

There are many freelance marketplaces, job boards, and specialized services where you can find the best tech talent for your projects. In this article, we have enlisted top platforms from where you can hire the best freelance developers for your projects!

  • Toptal

Toptal is one of the best platforms that offer the global top tech talent to businesses and employers. In the beginning, it initially focused on providing freelance software developers. However, the platform broadened its horizon in 2015 and included the designers also. Now, besides freelance software developers and designers, you can also hire finance experts and project and product managers.

The most interesting feature of this platform is that it houses the most skilled and experienced tech talent from around the world. After rigorous testing of all the applicants, they carefully screen and select the best candidates. As a result, only the top talents make it to Toptal. Consequently, the platform provides the top 3% developer talent to businesses worldwide.

Toptal offers quick and easy recruitment of the best software developers with a free trial period for freelancers. Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to find and hire talented developers, designers, and managers for your projects.

  • Upwork

Upwork is a global marketplace for freelancing with about 12 million users, which is famous for connecting clients with remote freelancers. It features talented freelancers related to various fields, including web and software development, engineering and architecture, finance and accounting, design and content writing, etc.

Although people can easily find and hire developers from Upwork, there is often concern over the variable quality of the talent. That means, while hiring programmers, one can easily find many to interview but interviewing a dozen of them to choose the best one can be a challenging process. That is because only a little screening is done by the company, leaving most of the work of screening and vetting to you.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular and verified platforms to hire skilled freelance developers. Even though vetting and screening is not done by this platform, it is widely trusted by leading businesses and brands for hiring programmers. With numerous developers of diverse skill sets and experience levels, this is one of the best places to get your job done easily and efficiently.

From music and audio to tech and programming, Fiverr offers skilled personnel for every job. You can conveniently find the right personnel from a specific niche via categories. Also, you can make your search more specific by filtering developers on the basis of the price packages, body of work, and other features. Furthermore, it offers remarkable customer support, allowing them to claim refunds if they are not fully satisfied with a freelance developer.

  • Hired

Established in 2012, Hired is a San Francisco-based platform that aims to connect businesses with the right tech talent. It is a famous name in the development and programming industry that offers highly skilled professionals for your tech jobs.

Hired offers professionals who are pre-vetted on the basis of their skills, experience, and salary requirements. Finding a suitable programmer is easy and quick since it allows upfront skill assessments rather than going through conventional resumes. Furthermore, its AI-powered algorithm saves businesses about 45 hours of sourcing time per hire. Trusted by leading brands, this platform is definitely one of the best for quickly hiring skilled freelance developers.

  • PeoplePerHour

Trusted by about 1 million businesses globally, PeoplePerHour is a remarkable platform for hiring experienced freelance developers in minutes. This talent match-making platform connects businesses with experienced freelancers worldwide, whom you can hire by the hour or project. The most important features of this site include a 24/7 customer service team, a money-back guarantee, and anti-fraud protection.

PeoplePerHour offers prudently vetted freelancers for your web and software development projects. The companies and employers are required to provide maximum details about their projects by filling out a quick form. After that, with its AI talent match-making algorithm, it helps you find the best suitable developers for your software development projects.


One of the rapidly growing platforms for hiring developers, offers strictly vetted tech personnel for your software development project. Candidates at go through extensive screenings so that you can get the best tech talent for your projects.

After you post your job listings, you will be paired with potential freelance developers automatically. You can contact them directly or get a free trial to test their abilities in order to choose the most suitable one. Furthermore, the site allows you to keep track of your work’s progress via comprehensive analytics after you select a developer. Moreover, it offers exceptional customer support with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Dice

With about 3 million registered tech professionals and over 2.4 million resumes, Dice is an exceptional IT and technology job board. It is trusted by big brands worldwide, such as Dell, AT&T, and Adobe.

With a pool of dedicated, experienced, and skilled tech professionals, Dice aims to provide the best to employers and customers. Its various features, such as email advertising, social recruiting, access to resumes, and screening candidates, help the users find the perfect developer for their job. In short, you can easily hire an experienced program for your project from this platform.

  • Guru

Guru is another leading freelancer hiring platform that guarantees security, flexibility, and affordability. It connects businesses with world-class freelancers belonging to various niches. Here, you can find freelancers related to diverse fields, including programming and development, design and art, writing and translation, sales and marketing, business and finance, etc.

Guru guarantees a 99% customer satisfaction rate. It is one of the most sought out platforms when it comes to hiring programmers. Currently, they boast about 500,000 talented tech professionals. You can either choose a developer and directly contact them or post a job on its job for the developers to reach out to you.

  • Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the most prominent names when it comes to hiring the best developers. It is one of the world’s largest platforms for hiring tech talent that focuses on providing the best freelance developers of any skill regardless of your budget. Trusted by renowned brands and companies, including PWC, Microsoft, Boeing, etc., this platform promises the best professionals for software development projects.

With a unique bidding system, it allows the users to hire the most suitable programmer within a few seconds. You can review the portfolios and previous works of freelancers to select the right personnel for your project. Doubtlessly, Freelancer is one of the best sites to hire freelance software developers within your budget!

  • is a platform from which you can hire pre-vetted freelance developers. Hiring a developer is easy and quick. You just go to the chat feature on the site and tell them what type of developer you want. An account manager selects the most suitable developer for you from their secret log of top-rated developers. And, of course, you get a developer according to your requirements and budget!

The most convenient thing about its hiring process is that you get a developer within 24 hours! That is very helpful for those who are short of time or want to get their job done quickly and efficiently. So, if you are looking for a software developer to hire, then you should definitely check this one out!


The worldwide web and outsourcing have made many things easier. Hiring an experienced freelance programmer for your software development projects is no longer a hectic task. All you have to do is browse some trusted sites to get your project done!

If you want to hire the best developers for your projects, then this list will provide you with a lot of help in your endeavor. We hope you will find it handy and informative!

Are you looking for the right developers for your project? Do you want to hire trustworthy professionals who can deliver quality IT solutions within your budget and deadlines? Then contact us! We have the right developers for you! Hireadev aims to outsource the best IT resources to companies and organizations worldwide with guaranteed stunning results!


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