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Tools to Track Your Instagram Followers

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If you’re just an occasional user of Instagram and sharing just a few photos to your pals, you might not have the need to keep track of the number of your Instagram fans, but you have to gain a large amount of Instagram followers. If you decide to take your Instagramming more seriously, you’re likely be required to keep an watchful of the performance of your Instagram account, and the authenticity the followers you have. This is especially true with brands and influencers. In both instances how they manage their followers is crucial. Brands are on social media to engage with their potential customers and customers. The work they do with influencers is the same aim. It is not worth having followers who aren’t the target market for them.

It’s probably less important for influencers who aren’t commercially focused. However, they as well, will not influence people who aren’t concerned about their posts.

Influencers and brands are keen on the actions that their fans display. What kind of posts are most interesting to them? Which subjects are of low importance and are ignored? In the case of influential influencers with a serious following analysis, analytics and information regarding their Instagram performance could be extremely beneficial and assist them in creating more engaging and valuable posts.

The following list contains the tools available to one way, can help you monitor your Instagram followers and, often, the general efficiency of your Instagram account.

1. Influencer Marketing Hub’s audience credibility checker

The primary requirement for being an influencer is the ability to influence the opinions and decisions of those in your field. People are aware of your writing, what you talk about, or even display and are

captivated by your views. They value you, which is why they trust your advice and opinions are true.

This is the reason fake followers have nothing to anyone involved in a serious endeavor. They will not listen to your advice. They won’t buy your products or sign up to provide services. They will send false messages that provide an amount of reach that aren’t there.

In theory, fake following can make influencers appear more well-known. However, the truth is that people are able to discern fake followers. Having more than one of them could be a source of doubt for the credibility of an influencer.Our fake follower and audience Credibility Checker will eliminate your concerns over the authenticity of an Instagram account of an influencer. Enter an account of an influencer’s Instagram username into this tool and it will provide you with an accurate guide to the authenticity that account.

You can also utilize our fake followers and Audience Credibility Checker to conduct an Instagram audit of your account so that you can decide if you have to act to eliminate all the garbage of your following.

2. Iconosquare

Iconsquare’s paid edition Iconsquare provides an extensive analytics as well as management and scheduling platform for agencies and brands. A custom dashboard can quickly display the most important metrics for you, while regular reports will help you remain in the forefront of your performance. Graphics show your performance for indicators like follower evolution as well as the average engagement rate per post, and reach as well as impressions historical data. It also includes community analytics, which lets you know where your followers are located, what language they are speaking, as well as their gender and age.

A new feature allows you to analyze the way the Instagram promoted posts affected your performance in terms of engagement, reach as well as impressions, growth of followers and many other metrics.

3. Instagram Insights

If you own a business Instagram account, you’ll get access for free to Instagram Insights. It’s Instagram’s own analytics tool, which provides information on the follower’s demographics and actions, in addition to your content. It is possible to get data on your entire account as well as for each post and your Stories.

Instagram Insights’ home page provides information on your posts within the last week. In the upper section you’ll find the number of followers you have as well as the number you’ve added in the last seven days.

If you go further on the homepage you’ll find an area for Followers. It provides a brief overview of the demographics of followers, such as gender and age, as well as the location. If you click See More, Insights will provide graphs that break down the demographics of followers in greater specific detail.

1 Gender

2 Age range

3 Top destinations (cities or countries)

4 Time of online access (hours and even days)

There is also information about followers when you click the View Insights tab on a specific post. One of the most interesting statistics is the amount of people who join your follower list because of an article.

In case you pay the Instagram ads, there is an alternative option to track your analytics. You can look at metrics that relate to your Instagram advertisement within Ads Manager. Although this doesn’t reveal anything about your Instagram followers that you bought from BuyFollowersMalaysia in general however, it will provide information about your ads’ performance, demographics and placement. The results Ads Manager shows depend on the goals you’ve decided to achieve the goal of your campaign.


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