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Tips To Consider When You Are Choosing Material For Shuttering

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Shuttering or formwork is a common term that is used in the construction domain. It is a temporary casing that is used for a fresh cast of concrete and provides it with a specific shape. Once the concrete setting creeps in it would be stripped.  They are made of different materials like plastic, metal , steel etc. since it is known to support wet concrete till the point it goes on to become strong so as to support itself. Aluminium formwork manufacturers claim the fact it is the most popular among the available versions.

A formwork would be available in numerous sizes or shapes as it would be dependent upon the place of use. A point to consider is that 20 % to 25 % of structure cost would go into shuttering. Since it is no longer required after construction it would be better to opt for economical measure while designing construction costs. This is going to have a major impact on the costs of construction. Let us now get to some of the areas where shuttering is used

  • Timber shuttering- for small ventures a conventional timber shuttering is use as it may require less repetition. A light weight timber without any knots and will not split would be ideal for formulating shutters. Such form of shuttering may be used 10 to 12 times on an average
  • Plywood shuttering-  Once again this type of shuttering may be used 20 to 25 times on an average. It is known to provide a smooth finish on to the desired structure. Hence it is possible to cover large areas at the same time that would trim down the cost of erecting or dismantling all over again
  • Steel shuttering- though such type of shuttering may turn out to be expensive at an initial level but in the long run they may be an economical option. When you are thinking of shuttering on hire it is important that you think on these lines. Another reason to choose it is durable and it would provide a solid based when it comes to the framework of the structure.

Some experts may suggest timber shuttering could be cheap, but there might be a risk of swelling or warping. It is possible to reduce by incorporating water resistant material on the shuttering. Among all the types of shuttering the steel one is an obvious choice since it provides the necessary support and shape to the structure.

An ideal shuttering needs to satisfy the below mentioned protocols

  • It should be an economical one to use
  • It has to be light in weight so that it may be easily assembled and stripped
  • For negligible deflection it has to be rigid enough
  • It has to be water proof so that there is no absorption of water from the concrete

Shuttering is something that you may require during an initial phase of construction. So it makes sense to choose one for rent as you do not want to rise the construction costs.


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