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Tips for Buying Good Bed Sheets

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There’s nothing like bed sheets for transporting you to a pure state of sleep, full of delicate fabrics in different thread counts, designs, and weaves.

Choosing one is a matter of preference for everyone. But, regardless of the reason, you can check out this guide on buying good sheets.

  • Understand Percale and Sateen Weave

People sometimes wonder if satin is superior to percale in terms of smoothness. The answer is simply a matter of taste.

A percale bed sheet has a crisp, matte weave and a cold feel, perfect for people who get warm when they sleep. Fabric with a satin-like appearance is sateen, a silky, smooth fabric. You can compare the materials by touching them and picking the one you want for sleeping.

  • Learn Thread Count

It may be common knowledge that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheets are. However, many argue that a higher thread count does not always imply softer sheets because some sheets are treated with silicone softeners that wash off after the first wash.

The softest sheets are 100% cotton with a thread count under 1000. Various kinds of cotton are available, like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and combed cotton, but blends of polyester and percale are the most affordable.

  • Choose the Materials

You are free to choose the material for your bedsheets. However, sheets made of cotton and poplin are a good choice if you want something lightweight.

You may also want to opt for cotton since it is breathable and smooth and can keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Cotton-polyester is an option if you want something wrinkle-free and cost-effective, but it’s not the most stylish choice.

A popular choice in the summer is linen because it has a cooling effect and absorbs heat from you. The linen you choose should be high-quality because it will soften with each wash but wrinkle easily.

  • Ensure the Right Fit

Fit and size are both important factors when purchasing bed sheets. If these issues are not addressed, you may have something too small or too large.

If your mattress measures 38 x 75 inches, you’ll need Twin Sheets. XL Twin Sheets are 38 inches x 80 inches; Full-sized sheets are 53 inches x 75 inches; Queen-sized sheets are 60 inches x 80 inches, and California King-sized sheets are 72 inches x 84 inches.

  • Bedding in Harmony

The importance of coordination cannot be overstated. Identify the colours you use in your decor and your style in your bedroom.

You should ensure that the bed sheet you purchase matches your headboard and other bed materials. For some people, wearing coordinated outfits is not a priority. That’s fine, but being coordinated in your bedroom will help you unify everything.

  • Pick Your Favourite Design

After mastering the basics, you can consider the overall aesthetic of your bedding. The plain pillowcases, blankets, and throws will complement printed pillows, blankets, throws, and color-blocking designs.

You can also choose ones that are printed. Choose one with striking graphics that meet your needs.

Taking Good Care is Essential

Care for your bed sheet properly to last as long as possible, no matter which type you choose. By coating fabrics with chemicals, fabric softeners can damage them, making your sheets softer but damaging the material.

A hot water wash and high-temperature drying would speed up the thread breakage. When washing sheets, make sure you use lukewarm water and not dry them at high temperatures.


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