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The History of Blue Whale Bites in Half

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The history of blue whales bitten in half slapping in South Africa is fascinating, to say the least. The biggest vertebrate in the world, the blue whale is enormous, so it only makes sense that people want to learn all they can about the phenomenon. Fortunately, there are a number of sources for that information. Below are a few of them:

White shark

This event occurred in Maui, Hawaii, in 2021 and made global headlines. The Great White Shark, the largest fish on earth, was believed to have bitten the blue whale, which split in half. Many people were appalled by the image, and some even ridiculed the story, believing it to be manufactured. However, scientists have discovered bite marks on the blue whale’s skin.


The history of the blue whale’s extinction is linked to the giant megalodon shark. During its lifetime, the shark was estimated to have a bite force of 182,000 Newtons, making it one of the biggest predators in the ocean. It used its large teeth and strong jaws to immobilize larger prey. Scientists believe that the shark probably consumed meat, large fish, and other prey to keep its massive body moving.

Minke whale

The history of a blue whale bitten in half by minke is a tragic one, but the tragedy is not the only tragic aspect of this incident. Many other blue whale attacks have also been blamed on minke whales. These whales can reach speeds of up to 24 knots or 16 mph. They are able to swim so fast, however, that they are sometimes hard to see on the surface of the water.


Many ships have been bitten in half by blue whales. Whales weigh a ton and can easily knock a ship over, making a collision inevitable. This situation can cause waves to break and even sink a ship. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent such a disaster, though. Ships are fitted with dagger-like nails on the bottom of their shields to divert the force of the whale.

Collision with a ship

A recent study showed that the whales were primarily killed after colliding with a ship. While the whales often die stranded on a beach, many have been killed in collisions with marine vessels. The collisions often go undetected by sailors.

Ships emit noise that interferes with the blue whale’s orientation system. In addition, most of the collisions happen in areas near the port of Cape Town and along the Cape Peninsula.

Nails placed on the surface to prevent accidents

Many ships have been harmed by collisions with blue whales. The waves that were caused by whale collisions caused ships to sway. Some ships even sank because of whale wheel collisions. Because whale wheels are so heavy, they also cause ships to sway.

To prevent this from happening to you, ship owners have mounted dagger-like nails on the bottom of their ships. These nails are adjustable to the lower surface of the ship shields and rotate at high speeds, preventing the sea creature from hitting the ship.

Sources of information about blue whale bitten in half

There is much uncertainty surrounding the incident of a blue whale sliced in half and found dead on the shore. Its death may be due to a boat collision, illness, or other reasons.

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Some sources say the whale suffered severe trauma and blood loss. Others say the animal died naturally. However, some sources say the incident was not caused by a boat collision but by an attack from a shark.


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