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The Best Ideas For The Bhai Dooj Gift for Sister

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The Bhai Dooj festival is one of the most celebrated rituals synonymous with the Raksha Bandhan. On this auspicious day, a sister will put a Tilak on her brother’s forehead while praying for his wellness and prosperity. Like the Raksha Bandhan festival, a brother will appreciate his sister’s love and care by reciprocating the gesture with gifts. With scores of gifting options available, finding heart-melting gifts can be an overwhelming task. However, with creative and trending gifts, you can make the best impressions on your sister on this auspicious occasion. In this post, we share some of the best ideas for the Bhai dooj gift for sister.

Flower arrangement

Express your love and happiness to your sister on this auspicious occasion with a heart-melting floral arrangement. There are many flower options from which you can choose depending on the fragrance, colour, shape, and meaning. Some of the most popular flowers you can gift your dear sister are Roses, Carnations, Daisies, Gerberas, Lilies, and Orchids. The creativity that comes with flowers does not end there –  you can add different flower types to the bouquet. Make the best impressions with beautiful flowers in a personalised wrap, box, and vase.


Jewellery is indeed every girl’s best friend. It represents class and femininity; if you are looking for practical souvenir gift items, then jewellery items are some of the best gifts for your sister. There are various jewellery options from which to choose depending on the type of material (like wood, gems & diamonds, gold, silver, and bronze) and designs. You can also have the jewellery items personalised with a name, photo, and message.

Make-up kit

The make-up time is one of the essential rituals women do each time they leave the house. Express your love and appreciation to your sister with a heart-melting make-up kit arrangement. The essentials to add to the kit include a pocket-size mirror, lipsticks, lip liner, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, puff, and nail paints. Make lasting impressions on her by having the make-up kit covers and tools personalised with her name and message.

Personalised bag

With a bag, it is pretty easy to carry stuff around. There is a bag specifically for such activities, whether it is an office, travelling, or grocery/vegetable shopping routine. So, make lasting impressions on your sister with a personalised bag for her profound activities. You can have the bag personalised with a name, Bhai Dooj message, picture, designs, and more! Check out some of the contemporary personalised bag ideas on social media platforms and online gift stores.


Plants are mother nature’s gift to all living things. They have a spiritual meaning to our lives – they provide us with oxygen, filter the air from toxins and many other benefits. If she is a nature-lover, then a plant gift will surely go a long way. So, start by checking the plants on her wishlist and simply present them on this auspicious occasion. Some of the plants to add to your bucket list are Money Plants, Bonsai Plants, and Lucky Bamboo Plants, but you will find various other unique plants from online florists. Also, have the plant vase personalised with her name, photo, designs, and Bhai Dooj message.


Is your sister a sweet tooth person? If yes, then melt her heart on this auspicious occasion with a lip-smacking and well-decorated Bhai Dooj cake! With many options from which to choose – you are spoilt for choice. Take your pick from some irresistible cake flavours like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, fruit, and black forest. And some of the enticing cake types are heart-shaped cakes, tier cakes, pinata cakes, jar cakes, and pull me up cakes.

Gift combo

Is she a picky person? If you are unsure which gift items to give her that she will love and appreciate, a gift combo will surely be your magic wand to melt her heart. There are loads of gift combo options from which to choose. You can assemble the abovementioned gifts to create your ultimate personalised gift combo. Also, check out some amazing gift combo offers available from gift stores.

In Conclusion

Now you know the perfect Bhai Dooj gift ideas to surprise your sister. The next step is to find a gift shop that offers various gift options. Search for a reliable gift store that offers easy customisation and online gift delivery.


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