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The Art & Science of Telling if Someone is A Romance Scammer

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Romance is strong feelings and emotions which inadvertently influence the course of action of one another. The priority of individuals changes from them to the one they have fallen for. Therefore, they always perform actions keeping the lover’s expectation, likeness, and desire. The scam, however, is entirely the opposite when it comes to one’s actions. Their actions illustrate them as their priority for which the other person – whom they have trapped and made fall in love with – is treated as a toy. A toy that will bring them happiness, amusement, and they will keep proceeding at the same time towards their goal, which is the prime reason behind their criminal mind and behavior. Online dating makes it hard for one to figure out whether the love, attachment, feelings, and sentiments are real. Is the person on the other side of the laptop, or mobile, really prepared to be committed, make compromises and never let this romance terminate. 

Well, to do that first every individual should refer to the claimers’ website to evaluate the person on the other side of the laptop, their actions will indicate their intentions. The Claimers have comprehensive data on ways to spot a scammer, and how to prevent them from scamming you. I got a lot of information from there as well.

How does a person availing of online dating privilege for the very first time know if it is not a romantic scam?

Romantic scammers have a purpose to connect to you and that purpose could be financial vicious intentions, and unlawful acts to trap you, so you do their part of the work while they are safe behind the masks. Sounds terrifying and unreal, right? However, many incidents have the victims ending up in miserable and unbearable positions due to the wrong decision of choosing a romantic partner for them, and that too, online. 

Is his story real?

Scammers will initially build trust by being extra protective, nice, and fond of you, they will come up with fake stories which could be emotional to gain your sympathy and build deeper connection – stories about struggle, pain, loss, and adventures in life. Additionally, they can also attract you through the stories of their lifestyle; the military men who have a rough and tough life, handling enemies portrayed as heroes. The rich businessman with a stable career and enough money to fulfill the desire of one fallen in love with him.

Never meet

The scammers, the majority of the time, especially when they have their real personalities and lifestyle to hide; make excuses before meet-ups so that their secrets remain secret. Using their stories of being far away for business trips or military operations makes their story look real. 

Privacy invasion

Personal information such as security codes, bank accounts, and wealth details are the materialist things the scammer is running after. The social media passcodes would give him the advantage to misuse it for any unethical purpose without notifying the victim, additionally, the access to pictures are used by criminals to black mail the victims, and force them to do illicit activities.

To get to know more on how to tell if a person is preparing you to get scammed, you should check out The Claimers, they have case studies on this, and a million insightful articles which are well researched and 100% authentic. 


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