Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Tech helps solo runners with visual impairments

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Google Japan is developing a technology that allows visually impaired people to jog on their own.

The runner attaches a smartphone with a special processor installed on its belly. Its camera uses AI image recognition to verify the position of the person and the line drawn on the ground.

If the runner is fixed, the device emits a soft sound. But if he leaves, the noise will be even more alarming.

The company hopes to put this system into practical use.

Mizono Masamitsu, who is visually impaired, participated in the research. He said that running alone gave him freedom.
He said that marathon is first and foremost a sport where people run alone and this new technology provides an opportunity to experience marathons in their original form.

Google says it will continue to make changes to the system to make it work even if the line is covered with fallen leaves or soil.


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