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Step by step guide to log out of Facebook Messenger

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Billions of people across the world use Facebook for multiple purposes. It is more than just a platform for entertainment, people use it for professional purposes, getting updates and news, connecting people worldwide, and so on. Likewise, Facebook Messenger helps to indulge in personal and well as professional chats. But a time comes when you need a break from Facebook messenger without deleting the app. Thus, continue to read to know how to log out of Facebook Messenger.

How to Logout of Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger does not have a direct logout option. But don’t worry! There are the two methods given below to log out of messenger. Follow the steps to log out of FB messenger mentioned in each method.

Method 1. Logout of Facebook Messenger using Phone Setting App

  1. Go to the phone settings app > Apps.
  2. Click on the Messenger option.
  3. Select Storage,
  4. Finally, click on the Clear data and caches options.

Method 2. Log out of Facebook Messenger using the Facebook App

  1. Launch the Facebook app and go to the menu option (three horizontal lines on the top right corner of your screen).
  2. Click on the “Settings and Privacy”> “Settings”> “Security and login
  3. Locate the “Where you have logged in” option.
  4. Select Messenger and click on the Log out option.
  5. This will log out of Facebook Messenger on Android.
  6. Similarly, you can log out of Facebook Messenger using the web browser. Go to the Facebook login page> login to your account and follow the same steps.

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