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Should We do Court Marriage in Pakistan?

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Should We do Court Marriage in Pakistan:?

Advocate Jamila is the best reliable court marriage lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, for the services of court marriage in Pakistan. (To cook or not to cook) Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark, before making a significant (William Shakespeare) that is the question” All of we face this uncertainty at some time or the other: when we have to decide what to do and which path to choose. One of the most difficult decisions to be made in life is the choice of court marriage in Pakistan.

Wrong Selection:

A wrong selection can mar one’s life for all times to come, and the right soul mate can make a person float through life and makes the world into heaven. One has to make life worth living, and this book is all about finding or creating a happy niche for oneself in this world through matrimony. The institution of court marriage in Pakistan is how a legally wedded couple can live together as husband and wife. This bond has lasted for centuries as this relationship is based on love and respect. Matrimony has taught man to love, share, care, struggle, sacrifice, and create solid family ties that give an individual his/her identity.


With the so-called ‘modernization,’ values have also changed. Society has become emancipated, and some people in the west also believe in doing away with the court marriage system in Pakistan. Lack of inhibitions in the current setup, the independent status of women, and safe family planning have further acted as a catalyst in new trends of behavior in relationships.

No Alimony:

It seems that man wants to avoid committing and believes that couples should only live together as long as they can tolerate each other. If not, both can go their way with no strings attached. Life, according to them, can be smooth sailing, with no family to support, no alimony to pay, and where presumably no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, the so-called modern couple tends to forget a very important fact: human feelings are so deeply embedded in one’s memory that they can neither be erased nor can they be switched off and on whenever one tires out and wants a change. Love, infatuation, and passion are all based on feelings that are not easy to shed like autumn leaves.

Bitter Taste:

When relationships go sour, they leave scars and a bitter taste towards that relationship, which seldom heal! This emancipated attitude is not modern but has been inherited from the Stone Age when man evolved and is as ancient as the history of mankind! It is just like reverting to the dark ages when a man was living in caves. He used to have a mate, and the moment they were angry, bored, or got tired of each other, both would shift out and lead their own lives. Children were secondary, and one’s comfort and priorities were foremost. That outlook towards court marriage in Pakistan was very much like ‘modern times,’ there were ‘group marriages, community marriages, open marriages trial marriages’. In fact, the name given in those days was just not court marriage in Pakistan but something else.


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