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Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development

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Nowadays, with the rising popularity of cross-platform apps, there has been an emergence of several supporting technologies for iOS and Android applications. Flutter is one of the well-known technologies for cross-platform mobile app development. If you are looking for custom Flutter app development services, this is the right blog for you.

Talking about Flutter, a renowned free blogging platform available on the internet, also known to be the most flexible and useful one.

So, if you are either a developer, product owner, or app owner looking forward to building a mobile application, they should try the Flutter framework.
But, before trying Flutter, they should know more about this framework along with its pros and cons. This will help them to self-analyze whether they should go for this framework or not.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is the open-source mobile SDK developer framework of Google for Android and iOS apps development.

The best part about this framework is that it provides a wide selection of tools, widgets, and features, giving an easy framework for the app developers and owners to build a visually appealing app for iOS and Android platforms.

So, with Flutter, you do not have to develop separate apps for Android and iOS systems.
In this regard, you need to create a single codebase specifically in Flutter for both platforms. It is known to be a free platform that is based on the Dart object programming language.

Flutter allows the developers to speed up the overall process of mobile app development. Along with that, it reduces the project’s total budget, and thereby, the developers can make attractive apps with a smooth user interface.

Now, it’s time to know about the pros and cons of using the Flutter framework for mobile app development.


· Reduced Testing

As in this case, you are using the same application for two platforms, so there will be less testing needed. This results in a better and faster quality assurance process.

Also, the testing procedure of the developers will be significantly reduced as they only need to test a single codebase. With the reduced testing work, your company will not have to invest in a full-time quality assurance team that is responsible for testing.

· Faster And Single Code Base

Flutter development is very much popular among developers due to its dynamic and faster mobile app development. The developers can make specific changes and updates easily with the help of the Hot Reload feature of Flutter.

This hot reload is something that you can use to improve your app’s look and feel adequate. The best part is that you can instantly check the effects. So, this feature of Flutter development makes it very easy to experience new ideas.

· Widget Options

Flutter is designed in such a manner that it contributes to providing you with a wide variety of options to create your widgets. You can even customize the existing widgets as per your unique needs.
You can focus on using different adaptable modules to add widgets to your web pages easily. If you do not like the gadgets that come with built-in devices, then you can even add new ones as per your preferences.

· Usable On Multiple Platforms

One of the significant advantages with Flutter is that the developers need to write only one codebase specifically for your apps, including the iOS and Android platforms. This means that the same codebase can be used for multiple platforms.

In turn, this helps to save a lot of time as well as development and maintenance costs. And the best part is that you also get the option to differentiate your apps. Flutter also provides its distinct tools, designs, and widgets.

Similar to any other framework, Flutter also has some disadvantages for the app developers and owners.


· Difficulty To Work

Although Flutter is designed to make your work easier by significantly reducing the amount of time required to focus on each screen.

But, while being a fluid action, there are some times when you may find it challenging to work with diverse elements of the Flutter framework. You will also find many difficulties navigating the multiple drop-down menus.

. Libraries And Support

The collection of Flutter is not impressive enough as it is still new in the market. So, this framework does not cover every library functionality which you might need for your application.
On the other hand, React Native has been in the market for a very long time, and therefore, this platform has an added advantage over the support and libraries.

· iOS-Specific Features

The iOS-specific features of Flutter are considered to be one of its most significant disadvantages.

As iPhones are based on mobile phones and mobile technology, the functionality and design of these apps are at a lower standard compared to those offered on the Android platform.
Due to this particular reason, the Android apps lack flexibility and customizability.

· Stand-alone Mobile App

Another significant disadvantage of Flutter is that you can use this only as a stand-alone mobile app.

The worst thing is that it has created a divide specifically between traditional web applications as well as mobile applications.

Due to this reason, many of the mobile apps developed for web browsers, such as the iOS web browser and Android browser, have focused on adopting diverse design strategies.

However, the Hot Reload feature of Flutter can counterbalance the disadvantages that this framework has brought.

Final Verdict

So, it is evident from the above-mentioned section that Flutter development has much more advantages for app development teams and app owners than its risks.

It contributes to providing an opportunity to develop high-performance and aesthetically appealing mobile apps to satisfy your unique requirements and needs. You can hire Flutter developers to create a feature-rich and outstanding cross-platform app that helps you to generate the maximum ROI.


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