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Overnight Desert Safari – A Different Take on Dubai’s Nightlife

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Dubai’s nightlife is considered electrifying and thrilling by many. However, if you are looking for a different take on the emirate’s nightlife, away from pubs and discos, you should book an overnight desert safari.

In the Middle East’s most indulging desert getaway, an overnight desert safari is the best thing to do with your time. The astounding part here is that it is not like all other desert safaris.

The overnight desert safari is elongated and a blend of all the versions of desert safari. You get the thrill of the dune bashing, the tranquility of the desert, witnessing the majestic sunset, the local entertainment, and the chance to fully emerge yourself within the Arabian culture. It has all the elements of a great trip and also the potential to make it the best tour of your whole life. To convince you further, here are activities you can do on your overnight desert safari to make the trip all the more fun and worthwhile.

Experience the Thrill of Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the sport of riding a vehicle up and down through the sand dunes in the vastness of the desert. You may also describe it as a topsy roller coaster ride. What happens is that expert, trained drivers perform thrilling stunts with a convoy of SUVs up and down the sand dunes. Doing so takes a special kind of skill and car, so only people expert in the sport can perform it safely. This activity is particularly well-liked by youngsters. Additionally, it is not recommended for people who are aged, suffer from back pain or are pregnant women.

Witness the Mesmerizing Sunset

You might be a fan of sunsets, who isn’t? They are always beautiful. But you have no idea how awestruck you will be with its beauty and charm once you witness it in a desert on a safari. The beautiful orange-red sun rays reflect upon the sand giving it a magnificent golden red color hours after the sun has set. You can also plan a picnic if you like with the fabulous view.

Try Camelback Rides

What’s a desert safari without a camel ride? Most of the desert safaris have this activity included, for approx. 15 minutes. Many people prefer taking camel rides which are inside of the camp itself however, many like to opt for a camel safari which takes you out into the vastness of the desert. You are accompanied by an experienced tour guide who will equip you with all the information and gear you need. It can last for anywhere around 45-60 minutes with additional charges if not included in the package itself. But, believe us when we tell you – It is worth every penny you spend.


Many people have never tried this before but this is their chance to get their hands on it. While most of the desert safaris offer the activity as an option, you have to make a booking separately for some. What you have to do is climb on top of the sand dune, which let me tell you, is harder than it sounds. But, pretty worth it when you reach on top with one of the most mesmerizing views you’ve had in your life. Then, sandboard your way down and enjoy while it lasts. If you’re a little intimidated since it’s your first time, you could always sit on the sandboard instead of standing on it.

Enjoy the Traditional Entertainment

At night, upon reaching the camp, you get to enjoy the traditional entertainment presented by artists. There are various performances which usually vary depending on the time of the year you’re visiting. However, they generally include fire dancers, who do stunts like blowing streams of fire out of their mouths like it’s their right-hand play – it literally is, Tanoura dancers, belly dancers, and much more!

Buffet Dinner and BBQ

With this desert safari, you have the chance to get the best dining experience you’ve had in your life. Under the nighttime sky, full of stars, right in the middle of the tranquilizing atmosphere of the desert, you’ll get to experience two things the Arabs are best at – hospitality and food.

Bear in mind that your Dubai desert safari experience depends on the company you have selected. So, choose the best travel agency and select the right package that meets your requirements.


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